28 04 2012

Hey Guys,

Just one last post- Stimpy1236 here simply to say that ClubPenguin763 is officially inoperative. Seeing that the website still holds value to some users as well as users who have yet to stumble upon it, I guess decided it’s simply best to keep the website online, just no more updating will be given to the site. I have no plans to return to the website anytime soon after this final post, so please no author requests anytime in the future. I’m sorry, but aint gonna happen. I havent played Club Penguin in years and have just simply decided its time to make the point straight. Note though, not all links will still be functional and some pages have been taken down. This website, I guess you could say, is simply just a database for users who happen to come across it. I’ve simply decided that at this point in time, from here on forth all the data of the site is officially free and open to the public– the copyright has been terminated and now all users are free to use whatever they wish from the site: simply consider it a reference source. What Club Penguin has turned into today, I have no clue, and have no intention to find out otherwise. This site is simply a memory to me, it’s just time for it all to come to an end on my behalf. So without further to do, I hope any user who happens to come across this website sees it not as just some CP blog that hasn’t been updated for years, but instead seeks it a treasure chest of information of Club Penguin as it once was. Enjoy!

Until next time… well you know how it goes

P.S. I take NO responsibilty for any false information that may possibly be on this website. Again, everything has remained unrevised for years and I cannot garentee all links, photos, etc. will function/appear properly. NO, none of my accounts are currently on offer for individual use despite not playing the game in years. And NO, the website before you is not on offer to any means of new administration nor additional authors. Chatbox is now closed. Also, comments will no longer requiring pending as well.  And again, here on forth all information is now uncopyrighted and free for public use. Have Fun!


Coins for Change, Rockhopper Arrival, and Better Igloos December 2009 Cheats!

12 12 2009

Hey Guys!

Today Rockhopper along with Coins for Change have finally come to the island! This year, Coins for Change donation can go to Kids who are Poor, Kids who are Sick, or the Environment.  Donation stations can be found in the Plaza, Beach, Captains Quarters and Ski Village. Also this year, Donation Stations can be found in Member Igloos, but can only be donated during coins for change.

In other news, Penguin Mail now has a gift that keeps on giving… A Free Non-Member Item! The Candy Cane Hat can be found in a postcard sent via Penguin Mail by another penguin! So make sure your mail box isn’t full to be able to obtain it! 😀

Also today the Better Igloos December 2009 Catalog Released!

Here are the Cheats:
Nutcracker- Click the bird on the Santa Hat Snowman.

Small Christmas Tree- Click the Bow of the Wreath.

Christmas Lights- Click the Star of the Large Christmas Tree.

Coat Rack- Click the seat cushion of the Modern Chair.

Wood Stove- Click on the front right leg of the Coffee Table.

Shoe Rack- Click the Sunken Ship in the Large Aquarium.

Fireplace- Click the tower on the right side of the Snow Fort.

Icicles- Click top of the Snow Fortress Wall

Puffle Jack-O-Lantern- Click on the particular brick shown bellow of the Iron Gate.

Cauldron- Click the top right window of the Creepy Cottage Cut-out.

LCD Television- Click the left Jack-O-Lantern

Goofy Jack-O-Lantern- Click on the Tombstone.

Until then… Waddle On!

P.S. Chatbox now Re-Open! Moderators Wanted! Please Comment or leave message on Chat!

Penguin Style December 2009 Catalog Cheats, New Pin, and member events revealed!

6 12 2009

Hey Guys!

As said in previous post, I will be updating cheats whenever possible.
Anyway, The Christmas Bell Pin can be found within the Forest!

Anywho, Here are the cheats for the Penguin Style December 2009!
Stocking Cap- Click on the Coins for Change kettle.

Long Johns- Click on the top of the tree to the left of the penguin wearing the tree costume.

Drumsticks- Click on the drumsticks in the top of the tree.
Trumpet- Click on the trumpet in the upper part of the tree
Acoustic Guitar- Click on the guitar in the lower part of the tree.
Snare Drum- Click on the drum at the base of the tree.

Black Superhero Mask- Click the word “WORK” in “PENGUINS AT WORK.”

The Dizzy- Click the White Puffle on top of the Purple Penguin.

Red Viking Helmet- Click on the Dojo to the right of the Peach Penguin.

Blue Viking Helmet- Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times.

Black Cape- Click the small blue poka-dotted mushroom to the right of the big one the Green Penguin is sitting on.

In other news, the Membership Page revealed that the fallowing events will be taking place this month:
– A sleigh ride adventure during the Christmas Party
– Holiday Igloo Decorating Contest
– Coins for change
– And much more holiday fun!

Until then… Waddle On!

P.S. Site will be undergoing update shortly! 🙂

Stimpy1236 Returns for temporarily Winter!

6 12 2009

Hey Guys!

Yes, it has been quite a long amount of time before I’ve posted in a while. For the past number of months, Club Penguin has been one of my less caring objectives. I’ve had a lot of work to do lately. Due to Raise of Stats, I will be returning for winter break. I will assure you that the site will be updated whenever possible.

Until then… Waddle On!

I have to Admit it, the Site is starting to Fail a little…

21 08 2009

Hey Guys!

Lately I really haven’t been working much with the site in the past few weeks. I Re-hired Mmark97 to keep posts  up to date but sometimes he’s busy as well. The Updates I planned awhile ago have been cancelled. It seems that for just right now I am just going to Play CP when I get the Chance. Its more Fun to play Club Penguin and get the Cheats but for me.. Sometimes I would have to stay up to Midnight just so I could get party Pictures without other penguins getting into the Snap Shots. It has now been decided that I am leaving all further Club Penguin Cheat Updates to Mmark97 for the moment. I will check on the site every now and then but might not starting posting until late September. Sorry for that.

Until then… Waddle On!

No More Ninja Shadows?

3 08 2009

Hey Guys!

Today in the Ski Lodge while I was playing Find Four, I noticed the ninja shadow in the mirror above the fireplace disappeared!
Check it out:
No more Ninja

Here’s what used to be here daily as well as during November 2008-
(Special Thanks to Mich2880)
Ninja Mirror

Also The Ninja Shadow in the Lighthouse is no longer there either!
NO more Ninja Shadow Light

I wonder what Club Penguin Up to… Perhaps this has something to do with Card Jitsu…

Until then… Waddle On!

Sorta Good News!

31 07 2009

Hey Guys!

Today I decided that CP763 is coming back but this time it’s gonna be fun! The site may not be able to post cheats on time but will be throwing Awesome Igloo Parties, FUN CONTESTS, Mini Parties, More  YouTube Vids, (Maybe) Weekly Page, Awesome Igloo Showcase, and MORE!

The Updates will begin August 3 so be sure to check out the site for this FUN to begin! 😀

Until then… Waddle On!