Past Parties

(AGAIN, website is now inoperative. No new parties will be added. DISCLAIMER: Yes, some of the screenshots where reference off google and a few blog photos at the time, but a majority of them as well the few referenced onces were screenshot on the spot and photoshopped to remove where any player may have been standing. Now considering the copyright of this site is no longer in affect, the public is free to use these photos as they wish ~Stimpy1236)

Beta Testing Party 2005: *Click Pictures to Enlarge them.


Cove Member Party 07: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

cove-member-party-07-forest cove-member-party-07


 April Fools Day 2008:
(Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

 april-fools-08-attic4 april-fools-08-lodge1 april-fools-08-ski-village

april-fools-08-beach1 april-fools-08-beaconapril-fools-08-lighthouse

april-fools-08-dock april-fools-08-town april-fools-08-coffee-shop

april-fools-08-book-room april-fools-08-dance-club april-fools-08-lounge

april-fools-08-gift-shop april-fools-08-snowforts2 april-fools-08-forest

april-fools-08-cove april-fools-08-bonocularsapril-fools-08-iceberg

april-fools-08-dojo1 april-fools-08-mine april-fools-08-plaza

april-fools-08-pet-shop2 april-fools-08-sports-shop april-foos-08-boiler-room

Want to Actually Play THINICETROBARRIER? CLICK HERE!  Special thanks to Just Doodie.


Club Penguin 3rd Anniversary (2008)-
(Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

3rd-ann-party-town 3rd-ann-party-coffee-shop 3rd-ann-book-room


Waddle On Dance-A-Thon 2008 (Member Dance Party):
(Click Pictures to Enlarge them)
member-dance-party-09-town member-dance-party-09-nightclub member-dance-party-09-lounge


Also, the Boiler Room Wasn’t Really Decorated, but there was a sign on the wall next to the ladder.


Penguin Play Awards 2009: (The overall winner of the Awards was ‘Quest for the Golden Puffle’)
(Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

Before the Penguin Play Awards:

plaza-construction stage

During the Penguin Play Awards:

penguin-play-awards-2009-plaza penguin-play-awards-2009-stage penguin-play-awards-2009-backstage

Voting List:


The Results of the Penguin Play Awards:


Underwater Party 2008: (Click Pictures to enlarge them)

underwater-party-book-room underwater-party-coffee-shop underwater-party-town

underwater-party-nightclub underwater-party-lounge underwater-party-dock

underwater-party-beach underwater-party-lighthouse1 underwater-party-plaza

underwater-party-pizza-parlor underwater-party-forest underwater-party-cove

underwater-party-snow-forts1 underwater-party-ski-village

The Secret Hidden Pin was awarded when you found all the Migrator Ship Parts in the Old Version of Aqua Grabber.


April Fools Party 2009: (Based off the April 2007 Party)
(Click Pictures to Enlarge Them)

april-fools-09-town april-fools-09-coffee-shop april-fools-09-dance-club

april-fools-09-boiler-room april-fools-09-pool april-fools-09-mine

april-fools-09-mine-shack april-fools-09-dock april-fools-09-beach

april-fools-09-lighthouse april-fools-09-ski-village april-fools-09-lodge

april-fools-09-dojo-courtyard april-fools-09-dojo april-fools-09-ninja-hideout

april-fools-09-iceberg1 april-fools-09-cove april-fools-09-forest

april-fools-09-plaza2  april-fools-09-pizza-parlor april-fools-09-snow-forts



Medieval Party 2008: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

medieval-party-08-town medieval-party-08-coffee-shop medieval-party-08-dance-club

medieval-party-08-lounge medieval-party-08-boiler-room medieval-party-08-snow-forts

medieval-party-08-ice-rink medieval-party-08-plaza medieval-party-08-pet-shop

medieval-party-08-pizza-parlor medieval-party-08-forest medieval-party-08-party

medieval-party-08-mine-shack1 medieval-party-08-mine medieval-party-08-underground-pool

medieval-party-08-cove medieval-party-08-dock medieval-party-08-beach

medieval-party-08-lighthouse medieval-party-08-beacon medieval-party-08-ski-village

medieval-party-08-ski-lodge medieval-party-08-lodge-attic medieval-party-08-ski-mountain

Medieval Party 2009: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

Medieval Party 09 Town Medieval Party 09 Coffee Shop Medieval Party 09 Book Room

Medieval Party 09 Dance Club Medieval Party 09 Boiler Room  Medieval Party 09 Lounge 

Medieval Party 09 Gift Shop Medieval Party 09 Snowforts Medieval Party 09 Ye Arena (Ice Rink)

Medieval Party 09 Plaza Medieval Party 09 Pet Shop Medieval Party 09 Pizza Parlor

Medieval Party 09 Underground Pool Medieval Party 09 Mine Medieval Party 09 Mine Shack

Medieval Party 09 Forest Medieval Party 09 Tree Forts Medieval Party 09 Cove

Medieval Party 09 Dock Medieval Party 09 Beach Medieval Party 09 Lighthouse

Medieval Party 09 Beacon Medieval Party 09 Ski Village Medieval Party 09 Ski Lodge

Medieval Party 09 Attic Medieval Party 09 Mountain

Click the Icon bellow to View the 2009 Medieval Catalog:

Medieval Party 09 Medieval Catalog Icon Note: If it Zooms out, Click it to zoom in.

Medieval Party 2009 Member Quest: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

Medieval Party 09 Member Quest Icon

“Knights Needed” Flier/Message:

Medieval Party 09 Knight Flier

Challenge #1: Light Up All the Orbs!

Medieval Party 09 Member Quest Challenge #1 Medieval Party 09 Member Quest Challenge #1 Orbs Lit

Challenge #2: Hit 50 Targets! (With Snowballs)

Medieval Party 09 Member Quest Challenge #2

Challenge #3: Find the End to this Puzzling Maze:

Medieval Party 09 Member Quest Maze Start Medieval Party 09 Member Quest Maze Room Medieval Party 09 Member Quest Lost- Hint 1

To get to End of the Maze, Penguins would have to go through the maze rooms in this order:

Medieval Party 09 Member Quest Maze Directions

The Final Quest Room:

Member Quest Final Room

Earthquake 2008: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

earthquake-08 earthquake-08-book-room earthquake-08-lounge1

earthquake-08-dance-club1 earthquake-08-gift-shop earthquake-08-town

Fall Fair 2007: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

fall-fair-07-town fall-fair-07-nightclub fall-fair-07-lounge

fall-fair-07-dock fall-fair-08-beach fall-fair-07-beach

fall-fair-07-ski-village1 fall-fair-07-mountain Fall Fair 07 Snow Forts

fall-fair-07-ice-rink fall-fair-07-plaza fall-fair-07-pizza-parlor

fall-fair-07-mine fall-fair-07-forest 

Before the Fall Fair- Lighthouse filled with Rockhopper’s Cargo.
(Click Picture to Enlarge it)


Sports Party 2008 (Also known as the Penguin Games)
(Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

sports-party-08-town sports-party-08-coffee-shop sports-party-08-bookroom

sports-party-08-snowforts1 sports-party-08-soccer-field sports-party-08-secret-room

 sports-party-08-plaza sports-party-08-pizza-parlor1 sports-party-08-pool

sports-party-08-forest sports-party-08-cove sports-party-08-iceberg

sports-party-08-dock sports-party-08-beach sports-party-08-ski-village

sports-party-08-lodge sports-party-08-attic sports-party-08-mountain

Once all 3 Events were Completed, the winner would receive a Gold Metal!


St. Patrick’s Day Party 2009: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

st-patricks-day-party-09-town st-patricks-day-party-09-coffee-shop1 st-patricks-day-party-09-dance-club

st-patricks-day-party-09-snowforts st-patricks-day-party-09-plaza st-patricks-day-party-09-forest

st-patricks-day-party-09-party st-patricks-day-party-09-dock st-patricks-day-party-09-ski-village


The Iceberg wasn’t really decorated… but you could see a Rainbow over the Island!


St. Patrick’s Day 2008 (Parade Theme): (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

st-patricks-day-2008-ski-village st-patricks-day-2008-dock st-patricks-day-2008-town

st-patricks-day-2008-coffee-shop st-patricks-day-2008-dance-club st-patricks-day-2008-snowforts

st-patricks-day-2008-plaza st-patricks-day-2008-forest 

Rockhopper’s Spring Surprise May 2009: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Beach Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Migrator Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Crows Nest

Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Ship Hold
Rockhopper unloaded some of his Cargo on to the Beach on May 22:

Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Beach May 25 Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Migrator May 25 Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Crows Nest May 25

Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Ship Hold May 25
Then on May 29, Rockhopper unloaded some more of his exotic cargo:

Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Beach May 29 Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Beach May 29 Spreaded Flowers
And Finally, Rockhopper Departed leaving most of his spring cargo on the beach:

Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Beach June 01

So why did Rockhopper unload his plant cargo on the beach? For the Adventure Party of Course!
Adventure Party 2009: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

Adventure Party 09 Beach Adventure Party 09 Dock Adventure Party 09 Town

 Adventure Party 09 Dance Club Adventure Party 09 Snowforts Adventure Party 09 Ice Rink

Adventure Party 09 Plaza Adventure Party 09 Underground Pool Adventure Party 09 Mine

 Adventure Party 09 Forest Adventure Party 09 Member Tree House Adventure Party 09 Cove

Adventure Party 09 Iceberg 

Western Party 2007 (The Surprise Party that penguins got to vote on! :D)
(Click Pictures to Enlarge Them)

western-party-2007-town western-party-2007-dance-club1 western-party-2007-dock

western-party-2007-snowforts western-party-2007-plaza1 western-party-2007-forest


Club Penguin 2nd Anniversary: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

2nd-anniverary-coffee-shop 2nd-anniverary-book-room 

Puffle Party 2009: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

puffle-party-2009-town puffle-party-2009-dance-club puffle-party-2009-snowforts

puffle-party-2009-feeding-area puffle-party-2009-plaza puffle-party-2009-pet-shop

puffle-party-2009-cave puffle-party-2009-forest puffle-party-2009-cove

puffle-party-2009-iceberg puffle-party-2009-dock puffle-party-2009-beach

puffle-party-2009-lighthousepuffle-party-2009-beacon puffle-party-2009-ski-village

Winter Fiesta 2009: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

fiesta-party-09-town fiesta-party-09-coffee-shop fiesta-party-09-dance-club

fiesta-party-09-snowforts fiesta-party-09-plaza fiesta-party-09-pizza-parlor

fiesta-party-09-forest fiesta-party-09-cove fiesta-party-09-dock


Fiesta 2008: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

Well, the 2008 Fiesta Looked JUST LIKE the 2009 one! But only 2 rooms were different:

fiesta-party-08-dance-club fiesta-party-08-forest

Christmas Party 2008- (One of Club Penguin’s Biggest Parties!)
(Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

christmas-08-town christmas-08-coffee-shop1 christmas-08-book-room

christmas-08-dance-club christmas-08-lounge christmas-08-boiler-room

christmas-08-snowforts christmas-08-ice-rink christmas-08-plaza

christmas-08-pizza-parlor christmas-08-underground-pool christmas-08-mine

christmas-08-mine-shack christmas-08-forest christmas-08-cove

  christmas-08-dock christmas-08-beach christmas-08-beacon

christmas-08-ski-village christmas-08-lodge christmas-08-hq

christmas-08-command-room christmas-08-mountain christmas-08-dojo-courtyard

christmas-08-dojo1 christmas-08-ninja-hideout

Click on the Picture of the Iceberg during the Christmas Party 2008, and not only will it enlarge, it will show how the tree would change every time you clicked on it! 😀

Direct Link:


Christmas Party 2008 during Coins for Change-
(Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

christmas-08-beach-2 christmas-08-ship christmas-08-ship-hold

I couldn’t really get a Picture of the Coins for Change Captains Quarter and the Plaza with no penguins in way, but I did manage to get a picture of them from their room swfs.

coins-for-change-2008-captains-quarters coins-for-change-2008-plaza

Read the Special Club Penguin Christmas Books!:

Click on any book cover of the Three Choices Bellow to actually read them! If they are working, there is always a backup link bellow each book cover that dose not run on flash.


Read A Penguin Christmas Carol Non- Flash Version: (If it Zooms out, Click the Image to Zoom Back in)


Read Christmas on Rockhopper Island Non-Flash Version: (If it Zooms out, Click the Image to Zoom Back in)


Read Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic Non-Flash Version: (If it Zooms out, Click the Image to Zoom back In)

Water Party 2007: (Click Pictures to Enlarge)

About the Party: One day in the Underground Pool, A Crab was tapping on the Glass and accidentally made a crack in the window. Then the window crack starting leaking and the Underground Pool and the Mine started Leaking! Penguins first tried patching the leak with wooden boards, but that didn’t work. By then the crack was getting worse and the Underground was Overflowing! Penguins knew they had to do something so they had to do something about this so they held a Water Party that drained out all the water in the underground.

Easier Way to explain:



water-party-07-cove water-party-07-forest1 water-party-07-mine-shack

water-party-07-plaza water-party-07-snow-forts water-party-07-ice-rink

water-party-07-dojo water-party-07-iceberg water-party-07-mountain

water-party-07-ski-village water-party-07-beach water-party-07-dock

water-party-07-coffee-shop water-party-07-splash-and-dance-club

100th Club Penguin Times Newspaper 2007: (Click Picture to Enlarge it)

About this ‘Little’ Event: To Celebrate the Club Penguin Time’s 100th Newspaper, the Boiler Room was decorated some balloons and banners! It is not really much a party and only decorated in one Room.


Summer Kick-off Party 2007: (1 Room Missing: Beach- Will be added Soon! ~Stimpy1236)
(Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

summer-kick-off-party-2007-town summer-kick-off-party-2007-book-room summer-kick-off-party-2007-dance-club

summer-kick-off-party-2007-snow-forts summer-kick-off-party-2007-plaza summer-kick-off-party-2007-underground-pool

summer-kick-off-party-2007-forest1 summer-kick-off-party-2007-cove1 summer-kick-off-party-2007-iceberg

summer-kick-off-party-2007-dojo summer-kick-off-party-2007-mountain summer-kick-off-party-2007-ski-village

summer-kick-off-party-2007-dock summer-kick-off-party-2007-beacon

Club Penguin 1st Anniversary 2006: (Click Picture to Enlarge it)

I only managed to get one Picture of the 1st Anniversary but its a little blurry and very low quality. Yet still does not have any penguins in the way! 😀


Music Jam 2008: (Click Pictures to Enlarge them)

music-jam-2008-town music-jam-2008-coffee-shop music-jam-2008-nightclub

music-jam-2008-lounge music-jam-2008-snow-forts music-jam-2008-t-shirt-shop

music-jam-2008-ice-rink music-jam-2008-plaza music-jam-2008-pizza-parlor

music-jam-2008-underground-pool music-jam-2008-mine music-jam-2008-forest

music-jam-2008-cove music-jam-2008-iceberg-stage-empty music-jam-2008-iceberg-stage-on

music-jam-2008-iceberg-stage-penguin-band music-jam-2008-dojo music-jam-2008-dojo-21

music-jam-2008-ski-village music-jam-2008-beach music-jam-2008-lighthouse

Everyday the Dock’s Theme would Change-

music-jam-2008-dock-rock-theme music-jam-2008-dock-pop-star-theme music-jam-2008-dock-classical-theme1

music-jam-2008-dock-country-theme music-jam-2008-dock-jazz-theme music-jam-2008-backstage1


More Parties Will be added Soon! Check the List too What Parties will be added for you to see!

-Pirate Party 2007 (I might add the 2008 one, but I’m having a little difficultly with it.)

-Fall Fair 2008

– Dojo Re-Opening Party (Ninja Party) 2008

-More to Come!

Comment Your Favorite Party! Also comment to Suggest any parties you would like to be added!



11 responses

2 05 2009

My Favorite Parties are the April Fools 2008, Sumemr Kick-off 2007, Medieval Party 2008 and Music Jam along with others!

Comment your Favorites Bellow! 😀

3 05 2009


Stimpy1236: Thanks! It took awhile but I finally Managed to Upload them all! 😀

9 05 2009

I love this site. I liked the midevil party and its happening right now in 2009.

9 05 2009

I love this site also ITS THE MIDEVIL PARTY 2009. ITS AWESOME!

20 05 2009

i can not belive i miss the 2009 fiesta party. i could of got dat firsta hat. well still got next year.

20 05 2009

im jelous cys crys crys

22 07 2009
Mike n95

Cool website! lol i like the patries post =] do you have the beta hat? you can bearly see betas around, anymore. meet me on club penguin, my user is Mike N95, and i am usually dark blue or brown. I’ll be on alaska, abominablel, alpine, or yeti. =]

29 07 2009

Awesum. Wish I was a beta

2 12 2009

woa cool cp’s parties!!!!!

18 04 2010


20 11 2010

i like the APRIL FOOLS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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