(AGAIN, this website hasnt been revised in years. I am not responsible for any of the following information that might be false. And again, the last revisation of this particular page was June of 2008, so obviously not ALL of the information is current. I suggest a Club Penguin Wiki if your really that intemate on accurate and current information, but consider the folllowing just as a brief summary as opposed to an entire article ~Stimpy1236)

In the following page you can learn all about most of CP’s Moderators! No one really knows how many Mods there actually are but you learn there history, there jobs, and even some interesting facts!
First off, WHAT ARE MODERATORS?: Moderators are people who work for Club Penguin and help keep it safe by banning players who have broken the rules.

Mod Badge

Billybob is one of Club Penguins most known Moderators who often posts news on the Official Club Penguin Blog. His Real Name is Lane Merrifield. He was one of the founders of Club Penguin and he also mainly works in the business, he tries ways to make CP more profit without harming their media or public outlook. He can be seen in disguise in some blog pictures as well!
Billybob Playercard

One of Billybob’s Test Penguins, Mace was revealed in one of his blog posts as well! Mace is not considered an actually Mod, but he used to be the original admin for the Official Club Penguin blog! Auntginima was also possibly one of Billybob’s test penguins but let’s not get into that.

I even managed to get a few pics of  Lane Merrifield (Billybob)  in Person!


I also managed to get a more recent pic of Billybob on Club Penguin! Check it out!
Billybob Recent

Q&A For Billybob
Q: What is your favorite animal?
Billybob: Cat!
Q: What is your favorite game?
Billybob: Club Penguin!
Q: What is your favorite sport?
Billybob: Hockey!
Q: What is your favorite type of movie?
Billybob: Science Fiction
Q: What is your favorite music?
Billybob: Rap!
Q: What are your hobbies?
Billybob: The Internet!

To Find out more about Billybob, Check out the Club Penguin History Page to learn how Billybob and the others created Club Penguin! 😀

Rsnail short for RocketSnail, is again one of Club Penguin Most Well Known Moderators. Along with Billybob, He is the creator of Club Penguin. His man job for Club Penguin is working mainly in programing and art (he’s also the one who deletes glitches). His real name is Lance Priebe who was the founder of Rocketsnail Games, which was a website which had consisted of games that he created with the help of the Rocketsnail Games team. Sadly, the website was shut down due to lack of funds in 2007, but it came back with a blog. Now his website has re-opened as a small blog. The most popular game Rocketsnail Games was Penguin Chat 3, which the Club Penguin Team used as a rough draft. You can learn more about Penguin Chat 3 and other historical things of CP on the Club Penguin History Page!

Rsnail has worked with New Horizon Interactive for many years before CP. He developed Experimental penguins in 1999 then Penguin Chat in 2001. He is the most technology advanced of all the mods, he has developed many games including ballistic biscut. (Which is now known as Hydro Hopper)
Balsic Biscet

The Rocketsnail Games Logo was unsurprisingly a Snail strapped on a Rocket :P!

Rocketsnail Games Logos can still be scene within Club Penguin Today as well as in Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force! One Example is in both PSA Mission 4 and EPF Mission 8 when you go into Gary the Gadget Guy’s Room! You can see a Rocketsnail Games logo model on top of G’s Dresser.

Also in the old Club Penguin Site, you could see a Rocketsnail Games Logo on top of the penguin to the left’s monader!

A few of Rocketsnail’s Games still remain available today!
Mancala Snails-
The original Balistic Biscut-
Word Crunch-
And Penguin Chat (The First)-

Intresting Facts about rsnail:
Rsnail’s penguin name still has a lower-case R. Unlike all the others, his name was not converted to a capital. If it was, it would look like this: Rsnail
In Elite Penguin Force Mission 8, Jet Pack Guy says, “Flit here can fly faster than a snail tied to a rocket, or a penguin on a jet pack.” This makes a reference to Rsnail, which is short for Rocketsnail.
Rsnail’s test penguin “Nickname1” is banned forever.
On (now a micro-blog), he says that he likes to build things out of LEGO.
His test penguin on Penguin Chat 3 was testsnail.
You can e-mail him at

Screenhog is a friendly moderator on Club Penguin. He sometimes posts on the Club Penguin Official Blog like Billybob, just not as often. He has all the items on Club Penguin and yet is not a member but Billybob still allows it. Screenhog’s Real name is Chris Hendricks and was the graphic designer of the Club Penguin Team.


Here are some of Screenhog’s Early Graphics taken off of Screenhog’s Computer:
Early Grafixs

 Screenhog even has a website where he posts pictures and comics that he draws! Check it out at!
His site’s logo is a piggy bank with a computer screen on it’s side!

And Just like rsnail, his site logo can also still be seen on Club Penguin Today! In PSA Mission #4 and EPF Mission #8,  you can see the logo on G’s dresser in Gary the Gadget Guy’s Room!

You could even see a logo on the Old Club Penguin Site on the page with to the 2 working penguins. On the penguin to the right’s desk, you could see Piggy Bank with a computer screen on it!

Q&A for Screenhog
Q: What’s your favorite outfit to wear in Club Penguin?
Screenhog: I change outfits too much to have a favorite one. But I really like the musical instruments and the hard hat!Q: What’s your favorite activity in Club Penguin?
Screenhog: I’d have to say the mini-games are my favorite. Out of all the games, Astro-Barrier and Jet Pack Adventure are the best, in my opinion. 
Q: Can other penguins meet you online?
Screenhog: I’m usually playing mini-games when I go online, but if you do run into me, I’d be happy to meet you.

Happy77 was Club Penguin’s first female member of the team. Her real name is Rachael Leards and here job was to work with the site’s texts and newspapers. It was once said that she retired but she later returned. She posts on the Club Penguin Official Blog quite rarely. Rumor has it the she was one of Club Penguin first full-time Moderator.

In Penguin Chat 3, she was a snail. I’m still not sure if mods where suppose to be Snails back then but it did attract a lot of attention. You can learn more about Penguin Chat 3 and other Historical Club Penguin Events on the Club Penguin History Page!
Coffee Shop

She has two other accounts along with Happy77. They are Luv2dance160 and DaisyLemon. She dose not go on Club Penguin often but she did attend the Mod Party on CPIP. Her spare penguin “DaisyLemon” was spotted at Micrchip123’s Party during the Medieval Party 2009 that way she could catch and Ban any one hacking. Microchip has been much more careful with his parties ever since then.
Medieval Party 09 Mod

Gizmo was one of Club Penguin Late Team Members who joined December 29th, 2005. His Real name is David Krysko and his job is to be in charge of all parties and fun events around Club Penguin! His other duty is Community and Shutting Down Club Penguin Trainers because the hackers who made the trainers where both messing up Club Penguin and giving it a bad judgment.

Although he is mostly busy Brainstorming Ideas for Parties and bossing employees around, in his spare time he likes to go on Club Penguin on his spare account “Vader2006”. You can mostly see Vader2006 on Frozen and Sleet usually at the dock. Sadly it has been said that Vader2006 has been hacked saying “I’m not Gizmo!” “I Made this Penguin” and “I was lieing!”. Thus Vader2006 may be heading to the road of being banned forever just like Nickname1! We may never know…

Q&A for Gizmo on Vader2006:
Q: What’s your favorite CP activity?
Gizmo: When I get on I usually talk to my friends or play Cart Surfer.
Q: Do you like Club Penguin?
Gizmo: Oh, Very much! I hope all of you guys do to!
Q: Do you usually go on “Gizmo”?
Gizmo: Not really, But If I do go on, I’ll be happy to meet you.
Q: Will you add people on “Vader2006”?
Gizmo: Of course! Just ask me and I’ll be happy to Add you!
Q: Do you have any other accounts?
Gizmo: Yes, but I can’t say.
Q: What’s your next plan?
Gizmo: Our next plan is to Block all the trainers
Q: Can you tell us about the next party?
Gizmo: Sorry, Its a Secret.

Well, and there you have it! Club Penguin’s 4 Best known Moderators! 
Check out this list to see all the Staff Past and Current Staff at the Club Penguin Main Office in Canada!


  • Speedy ( Moderator )
  • Auntginima ( Possible Billybob Test Penguin ) – ( Moderator )
  • Hamustar ( Moderator )
  • Ice Pinapple ( Moderator )
  • Pendragon ( Retired )
  • YoursTruly ( Moderator )
  • rsnail ( Founder Of Club Penguin )
  • Billybob ( Co-Founder Of Club Penguin )
  • Mace – Billybob’s Test Penguin. ( Co-Founder Of Club Penguin )
  • Screenhog ( Animator )
  • Happy77 ( Retired )
  • Gizmo ( Party Designer and Organizer )
  • Nanu ( Moderator )
  • Thejbean ( Moderator )
  • Speedybones ( Moderator )
  • Smash Cam ( Robot )
  • Test Snail ( Robot )
  • Nickname1 ( Test Penguin )
  • Your Name ( Test Penguin )
  • Testdec4 ( Moderator )
  • Silvawolf ( Modertator )
  • dblowe ( Moderator )
  • Willredfern ( Moderator )
  • Zero10 ( Possible Test Penguin ) – ( Moderator )
  • Penguin58547597 ( Coco Koala ) – ( Moderator )
  • Penguin50000021 ( Tolga 2 ) – ( Moderator ) 

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Stimpy1236: Why the Club Penguin Official Blog of Course! 😉

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COOL i ve always wanted to meet billybob, im ganna try to meet him!

Here is the Club Penguin Canada Company Adress!
Club Penguin
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On CPIP During the Mod Party I Met Billybob, Sceenhog, Happy77 but Too Bad I dont have any Pictures Because Back then I didn’t Know how to Take Pics 😦 .

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