(AGAIN, this website is currently inoperarive the last revisation of thr particular page was November of 2008. Although the following page contains walkthroughs of the 1st EPF and a certain amount of the weekly missions, all the other CP games released to video game consoles are NOT included in the following ~Stimpy1236)

Stuck On An EPF Mission You Can’t Figure Out? No, Problem! You can Use the Fallowing  Walkthroughs to Help You Solve All the Missions And Earn your Gold EPF Badge!

EPF Mission Guides (Updates Complete)

EPF Minor Mission Guides (Updates Complete.)
NEW! EPF Downloadable Mission Guide(s)
EPF Seasonal Cheats (Under Construction)
EPF Cheats (Under Construction)
EPF Items (Under Construction)

Mission 1 Guide: The Mystery Unfolds

1. Talk to Aunt Arctic and then go to the Coffee Shop.
2. Pick up the newspaper on the table and look at it.
3. Click on the Blue Puffle to get a piece of paper.
4. Talk to the penguin behind the coffee counter.
5. Go to the Snow forts.
6. Talk to the snowman, to get another piece of paper.
7. Talk to the light blue penguin. He will ask if you can get his hat.
8. Click on the blue puffle and aim your cursor at the clock’s target.
9. The penguin will talk to you. Then pick up his hat, and give it to him.
10. He will say thanks and give you Disguise glasses.
11. Go to the Plaza and click the mailbox. It’ll give you another piece of paper (letter).
12. Go to the Dock and click on the pile of inner tubes to get another paper.
13. Put the pieces together, which will make a map.
14. Go to the lighthouse and click on the barrel. Then a penguin will pop out.
16. The penguin will give you the map. Use it to go to the Dojo.
17. Talk to Dot. Say yes and you will complete the first mission.
6. Rory will Congratulate you will a Safety Vest.

Mission 2 Guide: Left to your own Devices

1. Talk to Dot, to receive the puffle pin. Then, click on the wall with the eight boards with the puffle pin.
2. It’ll bring you to a screen. Take the pin and rotate it to fit the puffle on the bottom right.
3. You will go in a room and the wall will open up to a screen with the Director on it. The Director will talk with you then go away. Then a penguin will come out with a Red Puffle.
6. He will talk and then tell you to work with Blast, the red puffle.
7. Go over to the other box and touch Blast and aim at the box.
8. After you break it, talk to PH. He will give you a puffle whistle.
9. Go to the Ski Village and talk to Dot. Go into the Sports Shop and talk to Dot again.
10. Click on the First Curtain, which will bring you to the HQ. Go over to dot and talk to her.
11. Click on the closet and enter the code: 3000
12. Click on it and Dot will talk to you. Then the director will come out. Pick the two blue things up and open your inventory. Put the 2 pieces together to make the spy gadget.
14. Go on the left and you will see a box. Break it open with Blast.
15. There will be a telescope on the side of it. Pick it up and put it into your inventory. Then, drag it to your Spy Gadget, to unlock a new feature.
16. Move over to the screen and click your spy gadget. If you select the symbol next to the HQ and drag it over to the screen, it will bring up a window with a notepad on the bottom and a code on top.
17. The code says: Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue.
18. Exit out of the window, and open the box. Enter the code that is above. Once you’ve unlocked the box, you can get a satellite dish.
19. Take it out of your inventory and put it on your spy gadget. Then your spy phone will ring. Open up your spy gadget, click the phone, and then talk to Dot.
20. Dot will talk, then close the phone and the director will talk to you. Then the mission will be completed.

Mission 3 Guide: Rookie on the Rocks

1. Talk to Dot. Then go to the Ski Lodge and talk to the sick penguin.
2. Go to the Pizza parlor and then to the back of it. Pickup the soup that’s under the middle table, and then go to the Ski Lodge.
3. Give the soup to the sick penguin. He will talk and then give you a red snowboard. Open your Inventory and open up the red suitcase. Put the snowboard on.
4. Go to the Ski hill and talk to the penguin with the Blue Snowboard. Talk to him and challenge him to a snowboard competition. You have to get 400 points to win.
5. Win and you will get a trophy. Go to the Ski Lodge and give the trophy to the sick penguin. He will let you keep the Red Snowboard.
6. Go back to Ski Hill and snowboard again.
7. Follow the footprints to Rookie’s campsite. Call Bouncer (blue puffle) aim at the campfire. Put out the fire, and follow the foot prints to the river.
8. Talk to Rookie and then go to your spy gadget and call Dot. She will send someone to save you and Rookie. You will end up in the HQ.
9. Click the Glasses and the EPF Badge. Congratulations! You’re officially an EPF agent, and you completed the 3rd mission.

Mission 4 Guide: Looking for Clues

1. The Director will talk to you. Afterwards, take the file from table.
2. Grab the file from your inventory and show it to Dot and Jet Pack Dude.
3. Go to the Sports Shop and give the file to the Clerk, who will then give you a pair of Gary’s glasses.
4. Go to the HQ and go to the Eye Scan 3000. Put the glasses on and start the eye scan.
5. Go in the gadget room and go to the table with the clock and the boom box. Click the open drawer and you will get the Mechno Duster for your Spy Gadget.
6. Go to the Ski Hill and use the Mechano-Duster on the pile of snow. Rub the snow and you will get a bent key.7. Go to the Sports Shop and talk to Dot. Then use the key to open the door. Mission complete.

Mission 5 Guide: All’s Weld that Ends Weld

1. PH will talk to you. Afterwards, go to the Town.
2. Talk to Aunt Arctic, and she will give you a “Your a terrific friend” Card.
3. Go into the Coffee Shop. Use the Mechano-Duster to clean the coffee beans up. You will be rewarded a pin.
4. Combine the pen and the card, and hand it to the Coffee Shop worker.
5. Go back to the town and let Aunt Arctic sign it. Then go to the Snow Forts.
6. Give the card to both of the penguins and head to the puffle training room.
7. Give the card to Flare to make him light up. Click on Flare and point at the key on the anvil. He will weld them together. Grab the key.
8. Go to the Sports Shop and put the key in Gary’s door. Go up to his room.
9. Go over to the globe and use the decoder on the blueprints. It will say, “Super power flashlight.”
10. Go over to the orange couch and pick the map up.
11. Go by the table and click on the paper to let the other agents know where your going. Click the door and leave. Mission 5 over and out.

Mission 6 Guide: Do it yourself Carting

1. Talk to the penguin at the Mine Shack.
2. Click the tub of water near the opening. Then, go into the door on the side of the Mine Shack.
3. Click the wheel by the door, on the spool of yarn, and on the ground by the lantern.
4. Bring the wheels outside and put them into the bucket. Then use Flare to weld them to the Bucket.
5. Put the Cart in your inventory and go down to the mine.
6. Put the cart on the track and get ready to surf some mine carts.
7.After your done, go to the upside cart and talk to it.
8. Next, go around and pick up the 3 yellow balloons and rope.
9. Tie the rope to the cart and take Blast to knock the boulder off the ledge.
10. Blow the balloons up one at a time and attach them to the cart.
11. After all are attached, the mine cart will lift up and you can talk to him.
12. Grab the flashlight and attach it to your Spy Gadget.
13. Go to your spy gadget and and click the light bulb and point it at the dark tunnel. Find Gary.
14. Use Blast to break the boards. Then you will be teleported to the HQ, and the mission will be over.

Mission 7 Guide: Double Trouble

1. PH will be sleeping in a bubble. Talk with him. He will ask you to find something pointy.
2. Go to the bamboo patch and click the lower part of the patch, and pop him out of the bubble.
3. Go to the Ice Rink. Talk to the penguin with the foam finger. He will tell you to score a goal on the goalie.
4. Take Bouncer and throw 3 snowballs at the goalie. The 3rd one will work.
5. PH will call and tell you to come to the puffle training room with Loop.
6. Train Loop to aim at the jet pack.
7. Go find Pop (purple puffle). He is at the Night Club, but you need fancy clothes to get in.
8. Go to the stage. Talk to the stage manager and construction worker. Use Loop to stop the drill.
9. After you stop the drill, the manager will thank you and give you a choice between a fancy suit or a fancy dress. Pick one and put it on.
10. Go to the Night Club and be prepared for a dance-off.
11.Play the game and win to get Pop.
12. A shake will occur. Go to the boiler room and notice that the boiler is missing.
13. Use Pop to lift the cabinet up by touching Pop.
14. Pick up the can of oil and head to the mine. You will see Dot. Talk to her and be prepared to be teleported to the HQ. Mission complete.

Mission 8 Guide: Flying High Pitched

1. Talk to Jetpack Dude, and grab the Jetpack by the launch ramp.
2. Play Jetpack Adventure
3.You will end up on the tallest mountain to complete your puffle training
4. Talk with PH and train with Flit by collecting 3 gold rings. To do that, click on Flit and then the object.
5. Give the 3 rings to PH. Then you will train with Chirp.
6. Break the ice cube. First, click on Chirp and touch the object. It’ll get a small crack, so do it again to break it completely.
7. Click the box to get a hat like PH.
8. Click on the grappling hook to do your final training.
9. Go to the puffle training room and use Pop to lift the weight.
10. A snow globe will appear. Use Chirp to break the glass.
11. Use Flare to melt the ice off the chest.
12. Use Bouncer to cool the chest down.
13. Then use Blast to knock the Pinata down.
14. A jack in the box will appear. Use Loop to stop it from moving.
15. Grab the key and open the chest. Use Flit to get the note down. Mission complete.

Mission 9 Guide: Super Secret Gadgets

1. Talk to the Director. Then go into G’s Room at the Sports Shop.
2. After G talks to you, go to the coffee shop.
3. When you go in, you will see Rookie talking to a worker. After they are done talking, talk to the worker.
4. Grab the cocoa machine and go into the gadget room.
5. Talk to G. Then put the cocoa machine on the Snow Trekker. You will need to put the pieces together.
6. Go up to your Spy Gadget and select the Trekker call button. Then play Snow Trekker.
7. After your done, you will end up by a cave. Go inside and pick up the oil can.
8. Go to the exit, in which you will get trapped. Use Pop to lift the boulder up and then use Blast to break the wood.
9. Go outside and you will see that the Trekker moved. Play again and you will end up at the Mine Shack.
10. Use the Mechano-Duster to clear the pile next to the penguin.
11. You will see G’s gadget. Go back to the Gadget Room and show G the machine. He will draw stuff on the chalkboard. After hes done, go to the command room, and you will have completed the mission.

Mission 10 Guide: Damage Control

1. Call Rookie, and he will tell you to go to the Plaza.
2. Use Flare to help him weld the metal to the booth.
3. Go by the Pet Shop and pick up the paper. Then connect the dots.
4. Call Jetpack Dude. He will tell you to come to the Ice Pond behind the Ski Lodge.
5. Go there and talk to him. Then play Ice Fishing. You need to get the Treasure Chest to win.
6. After your done, click the book and connect the dots.
7. Call Dot, and then go to the Night Club. She will give you another clue. Once again, Connect the Dots.
8. Go to the gadget room and give the clues to Gary. He will give you a machine that will be the final feature of your spy gadget. Mission complete.

Mission 11 Guide: Robotomy 101

1. Go into the gift shop and use Pop to lift the boxes then head to the Roof of the Gift Shop.
2. Use Bouncer to throw a snowball at the robot’s face.
3. Go to the roof and throw another snowball at it’s face.
4. Use Flare to Weld the wheel.
5. Use the Robotomy tool on his chest and solve the 3 puzzles by moving the battery to the hole.
6. Use Pop to capture the robot. Bring the robot to the gadget room.
7. Give the robot to Gary. Mission complete.

Mission 12 Guide: Robots On The Run

1. Use Blast to knock the Robot down the Ski Hill. Then use your Snowboard to chase him.
2. Use Loop to catch the robot, when he falls.
3. Use the Robotomy tool to disable it. (Turn it off)
4. The final robot will come pick it up. Jetpack Dude will float down. Ask him if you can use his Jetpack.
5. Go over to the pile of stuff, and pick up the gas can. Now play Jetpack Adventure.
6. You will end up on the tallest mountain. Try to put a bubble around the disabled robot, but be careful, the the other robot will pop it.
7. Take Flint and knock the coffee bag on the robots head. Then use Chirp to disrupt him.
8. Disable him and put both robots in you inventory. Mission complete.

Mission 13 Guide: An Agent’s Work Is Never Done

1. Answer you communicator. Then you will be teleported to the HQ.
2. Go to the Gadget Room, and check out the huge hole in the wall.
3. Play Snow Trekker. You will end up by a mountain with a hole in it. Go in and you will see that a GIANT robot has all the elite puffles and Gary!
4. Go to the Gift Shop and head to the roof.
5. Use the Mechano-Duster to tickle his nose. Blast will fall to the town.
6. Go to the town and see that Blast is ok. Then go to the Dock.
7. Use Blast on the chest of the Robot. Loop will be freed.
8. Go to the Ski Village. Rookie will have a rubber duck. Use Loop to tie the robot up. You will get Flare back.
9. Go to the beach and use Flare to weld on his chest. Flit will be released.
10. Go to the beacon and use Flit to knock the anvil on the robots head.
11. Bouncer will jump out. Use your jetpack to chase him.
12. You will end up on the tallest mountain. Use Bouncer to throw a snowball at the engine. Chirp will be freed.
13. Use Chirp on the robots chest and Pop will jump out.
14. Use a bubble to rescue Gary.
15. Disable the robot.
Congratulations! You’ve completed all the Missions! Now you are an Official High Clearance EPF Agents Congrats!  But your work isn’t over yet, to fill your status even more, you’ll have to complete all Mini Missions around the Island! By now, all Mini Missions should be unlocked. Bellow you’ll find Mission Guides to Complete them! 😀

Mini Mission Guides:

Mini Mission 1 Guide: A WRENCH IN THE WORKS:1. Rory has Lost his Wrench and you need to find it.
2. Tap on your map and go to town. Then go into the Coffee Shop.
3. Look to your Left and Tap on the Couch facing the Right 3 times.
4. The third time you Tap it you will uncover the Missing Wrench.
5. Go to Ski Village, tap your Inventory and give the Wrench to Rory.
6. Rory will Thank and Reward you with a Safety Vest

  Mini Mission 2 Guide: HIDE & SEEK:

How to Start Mission: Go to Pet Shop (When not on Mission) and talk to the Purple and Red Penguins.
Here are the locations of the puffles: (No white puffles in EPF)

The BLACK PUFFLE is in the Mine. To Spot it, look to the Right. It will be stand next to the Elevator.

The RED PUFFLE is at the Stage. To spot it, look toward left. You will see it in between the Rows of seats.

The YELLOW PUFFLE is in the Book Room. To spot it, when you enter the room look to you left. It will be on the Orange Couch bouncing up and down.

The PINK PUFFLE is in the Gift Shop. To Spot it, look toward the right and you will see it sleeping in front of the ‘Clearance’ Section.

The BLUE PUFFLE is in the Attic. You will see it as soon as you enter the room.

The PURPLE PUFFLE is in the Lounge. To spot it, look to the left and you will see it next to the ‘Thin Ice’ Game.

The GREEN PUFFLE is in the Forest. To spot him, look toward the right when you enter the room.

When you have found all Seven Puffles, go back to the Pet Shop and Talk to the Purple Penguin.
When you compete the Mission you will earn 50 Coins as a Reward.

Mini Mission 3 Guide: Drifting Away

1. Go to the Dock and talk to the blue penguin.
2. Use Flit to get the first one at the Dock.
3. Use Flit to get the second one at the Beach.
4. Use Flit to get the third one at the Iceberg.
5. Go to the Dock and return the three sailboats to the blue penguin.
6. The Blue Penguin will reward you with a Divers Helmet.

Mini Mission 4 Guide: Sweet Friend Of Mines

1. Go to the Mine and talk to the pink penguin.
2. Ride the Extreme Track with the brown mine cart.
3. Once you completed the Extreme Track you should be at the Mine Shack.
4. Talk to the pink penguin.

 Mini Mission 5 Guide: Leaning Order Of Pizza:

How to Start Mission: Go to Pizza Parlor (When not on Mission) and Talk to the Pizza Chef.
1. As soon as you are Done talking to the Chef, look to left.
2. You will see 4 pizza boxes, tap on each of the pizza boxes to pick them up.
3. Here are the the Locations of the Penguins and what they ordered:
The Yellow Penguin in the Pool/Cave Squid Pizza (The pizza will Blue Toppings)
The Lime Green Penguin in the Lighthouse – Hot Sauce Pizza (The Pizza with Red Looking Sauce on it)
The Yellow Penguin at the Mine Shack – Seaweed Pizza (The Pizza will Green Strips on it)
The Yellow Penguin at the Iceberg – Dessert Pizza (The Pizza that has Chocolate Sauce and Goodies on it)
When you have made all the Deliverys, go to Pizza Parlor and Talk to the Chef.
The Chef will Reward you with 50 Coins as a thamls for Delivering the Pizzas!

Mini Mission 6 Guide: The Wrong Orders

1. Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the Pizza Chef.
2. Go to the Beacon and tell Aunt Artic she got the wrong pizza.Then take her Hot Sauce pizza.
3. Go to the Coffee Shop and tell the guy at the counter that he got the wrong pizza.Then go to the back counter and get the Squid pizza.
4. Go to the Snow Forts and tell them they got the wrong pizza.Then take their Desert pizza.
5. Go to the Dojo and talk to the blue penguin that he got the wrong pizza.Then take his Seaweed pizza.
6. Go to the Beacon and give Aunt Artic a Desert pizza.
7. Give the penguins at the Snow Forts a Seaweed pizza.
8. Go to the Coffee Shop and give the guy at the counter a Hot Sauce pizza.
9. Go to the Dojo and give the blue penguin a Squid pizza.
10. Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the Pizza Chef.
11. The Pizza Chef will Reward you with 50 Coins!

Mini Mission 7 Guide: Cause And Effect

1. Go to the Ski Hill and get the red scarf.
2. Go to the Sport Shop and talk to the guy at the counter.
3. Use Pop to lift the cabinet.
4. Go to the Plaza and talk to the pink penguin near the Pizza Parlor.
5. Go to the Iceberg.
6. When you see the little pile of snow use your Mechano Duster to clean it up.
7. Give the jacket to the penguin in the Plaza.
8. Go to the Ice Rink and use Chirp to break the ice on the Hockey Goal.
9. A pink penguin will say she is missing a scarf.
10. Give the pink penguin her scarf.
11. She will Reward you with a Red Viking Helmet.

Mini Mission 8 Guide: Penguin At Work

1. Go to the Snow Forts and talk to the Construction Worker.
2. Go to the Ice Rink and use Flare to fix the door.
3. Go to the Ski Lodge and use Flare to relight the fireplace.
4. Go to the Iceberg and use Blast to break the three big ice cubes.
5. Go to the Mine and use Flare to light the lantern.
6. Go to the Snow Forts and talk to the Construction Worker.
7. As a reward, the construction worker will give you a Hard Hat.

Mini Mission 9 Guide: Alien Conspiracy

1. Go to the forest, talk to the penguin.
2. Decode the message.
3. Talk to the penguin about it.
4. Go to the town.
5. Decode the message.
6. Talk to the penguin about it.
7. Go to the mines.
8. Decode the message.
9. Go to the Ski Hill.
10. Decode the message.
11. Talk to the penguin. He says he was testing your skills, and he gives you a quiz on the clues.
12. Once you Ace the quiz you will receive a Space Helmet.

 Mini Mission 10 Guide: Lost And Confused
1. Go to the Forest.
2. Talk to the penguins. They will say there tour guide went into the woods and has not come back.
3. Face the farthest end of the forest, and click on the foot prints.
4. Click on the Snow Trekker from your spy gadget.
5. Play Snow Trekker to find the tour guide.
6. When you find the tour guide, you will be back in the forest.
7. Talk to the penguins.

*Downloadble Missions require Nintendo Wifi Connection. If you have none, search for access points around your neighborhood or visit
http://www.nintendo.com/games/wifi/hotspot for your local wifi hotspots.
Downloadable Mission 1 Guide: The Puffle Pranksters:
1. Talk to Rookie
2. Go to Puffle Training Dojo (In dojo) and talk to PH
3. Tap the Puffle-O
4. Go to Pet Shop and talk to store clerk
5. Go to beach and tap the White Puffle
6.  Go to Underground Pool and tap the White Puffle
7. Go back to Pet Store and talk to Store Clerk
8. Go to Pizza Parlor and talk to Pizza Chef
9. Tap Pepper Shaker
10. Go to Snow Forts and talk to Red Penguin
11. Tap Water Ballon
12. Go back to beach and tap the white puffle
13. Open inventory and drag Pepper Shaker to the White Puffle.
14. Go back to underground and tap the white puffle.
15. Open inventory and drag Pepper Shaker to the White Puffle.
16.  Go to Dance Club
17. Tap whistle and select Blast (Red Puffle)
18. Tap Blast again and fire him at the crate.
19. Tap the White Puffle
20. Open inventory and drag Pepper Shaker to the White Puffle.
21.  Go to Forest and tap whistle.
22. Select Pop (Purple Puffle) and blow bubble over the boulder.
23. Tap White Puffle.
24. Open inventory and drag Pepper Shaker to the White Puffle.

Seasonal Cheats: (ONLY WORKS ONCE ALL 13 EPF MISSONS ARE COMPLETE) (under construction)
Did you know that?: You can Change the Date on your Nintendo DS/ Nitendo DS Lite/ Nintendo DSi to a sertant date to make decorations appears as well as a new catalog, item, and Mini Challenge to earn coins on!
Here is how you can change the Date on you Nintendo DS:
How to Change Date on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite:
Turn on the DS and the Main Menu will appear. On the Main Menu you will see a little DS in the Middle of the Bottom Screen (Bellow the GBA Game Slot Starter). Tap it with your stylus or use the The Arrow Buttons to get to it and press the A button. Once in the “System Settings” Menu, Tap the Blue Icon with the Calender and Clock on it. Then once open, Tap the “Calender” Icon and will be able to change the Date. Once the Date is entered, Press the “A” Button. Restart your DS and begin to play the game.
How to Change the Date on the Nintendo DSi:
When on the Main Menu, Select the “System Settings Menu”. Once it opens, Press the Right Arrow Key and Tap “Date”. Once the new date is set, Tap “OK” and return to Dsi Menu to Start the Game!
When Changing that date, the years don’t matter. You’ll only have to change the Day and The Month.

Now that you know how to set the Date on your Nintendo DS/Nintendo DS Lite/ Nintendo DSi, Its time to begin Date Changing to make sertant events appear!
Change you Nintendo DS’s Date to April 1 (01- 04), April Fools Day:
Specail Season Mission– Go to the Plaza and talk to Aunt Arctic to start the Spring Scaverger Hunt. 16 Flowers, 3 different types are lying around trough of the Outdoor Club Penguin Rooms!  
Here are how much each Flower you retreve amont of coins it’s worth- 
Blue Flowers- Are worth 1 Coin Each.
Pink Flowers- Are worth 2 Coins Each.
Yellow Flowers- Are worth 3 Coins Each.
Remember- You can only carry up to 4 Items in your EPF Inventory. Once you’ve found up to 4 flowers, return to the plaza to cash them in. Since there are only 16 Flowers hidden. You’ll only have to cash them in to Aunt Arctic at the Minumum of 4 times.
Free Seasonal Item- Jester Hat;
During the Aprils Fools Day Party on EPF, Vistit the Command Room and Tap the Box to the Right on the Shelf that says “Case Files” (By the Pile of Disks) to make the list of all the missions appear. While on the List, Scroll down to Mission 3: “Rookie on Rocks” and begin playing. If your having troble with the mission go to the top and check the walkthrough guide. Play the Mission until you get to the part where you see Rookie stuck on the other side of the river. There will be a wodden box lying on the ground. Tap it and you’ll recive a New Jester Hat!
Catalog- New Spring Items!
Between April and tword the late beging of June, New Spring Items will be able to be purcased from the Clothing Catalog in either the Sports Shop or the Gift Shop. It catalog is also acessible at the end of Mini Games!
Here are the New Item that can be purchased- (Items shorted by price)
Blue Ball Cap- 2oo Coins
Floppy Hat- 300 Coins
Ruby Shirt- 400 Coins
Brown Shoes- 400 Coins
Daisy Hoddie- 500 Coins

STILL UNDERCONSTRUCTION! Will be done soon, may be a slight delay due to Music Jam. ~Stimpy1236



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