28 04 2012

Hey Guys,

Just one last post- Stimpy1236 here simply to say that ClubPenguin763 is officially inoperative. Seeing that the website still holds value to some users as well as users who have yet to stumble upon it, I guess decided it’s simply best to keep the website online, just no more updating will be given to the site. I have no plans to return to the website anytime soon after this final post, so please no author requests anytime in the future. I’m sorry, but aint gonna happen. I havent played Club Penguin in years and have just simply decided its time to make the point straight. Note though, not all links will still be functional and some pages have been taken down. This website, I guess you could say, is simply just a database for users who happen to come across it. I’ve simply decided that at this point in time, from here on forth all the data of the site is officially free and open to the public– the copyright has been terminated and now all users are free to use whatever they wish from the site: simply consider it a reference source. What Club Penguin has turned into today, I have no clue, and have no intention to find out otherwise. This site is simply a memory to me, it’s just time for it all to come to an end on my behalf. So without further to do, I hope any user who happens to come across this website sees it not as just some CP blog that hasn’t been updated for years, but instead seeks it a treasure chest of information of Club Penguin as it once was. Enjoy!

Until next time… well you know how it goes

P.S. I take NO responsibilty for any false information that may possibly be on this website. Again, everything has remained unrevised for years and I cannot garentee all links, photos, etc. will function/appear properly. NO, none of my accounts are currently on offer for individual use despite not playing the game in years. And NO, the website before you is not on offer to any means of new administration nor additional authors. Chatbox is now closed. Also, comments will no longer requiring pending as well.  And again, here on forth all information is now uncopyrighted and free for public use. Have Fun!




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