CP History

(Again, website is inoperative, I cannot garentee any of the folllwing information as valid resource and page will remain as is despite otherwise. Not nessicarily that the info is incorrect, but some of it may be in the wrong cronological order, If your really intimate on all information regarding CP’s history, try a Club Penguin Wiki. The following is simpy just a brief history as opposed to an entire article ~Stimpy1236)

Ever wonder what Club Penguin was like back then. What Beta Testers did and how CP Used to look Like. Well this page has all you need to know about Club Penguin’s Past and Take a Waddle down memory lane!

Club Penguin History

The Idea for Club Penguin: 

Development on Club Penguin began in 2003 when Lance Priebe (RSnail) and Lane Merrifield (Billybob), employees at New Horizon Productions (which became New Horizon Interactive in 2005) in Kelowna, British Columbia,saw a need for “social networking for kids”. As Merrifield later described the situation, they decided to build Club Penguin when they were unsuccessful in finding “something that had some social components but was safe, and not just marketed as safe” for their own children.Merrifield and Priebe approached their employer, David Krysko (Gizmo), with the idea of creating a spinoff company to develop the new product.

Prior to starting work on Club Penguin, Lance Priebe had been developing Flash web-based games in his spare time.As part of Rocketsnail Games, Priebe released Experimental Penguins in 2000, which featured game play similar to that which was incorporated into Club Penguin. Although Experimental Penguins went off line in 2001, it was used as the inspiration for Penguin Chat, Merrifield and Krysko decided twhich was released shortly after Experimental Penguin’s removal. Thus, when Priebe, o go ahead with Club Penguin in 2003, they had Penguin Chat on which to base part of the design process. After two years of testing and development, the first version of Club Penguin went live on October 24, 2005! And that is how Club Penguin Began!

Long Before Club Penguin, a man named Lance Priebe who was the founder of RocketSnail Games which was a website that had consist of many games that him and his team created. He had release a game called “Experimental Penguins” in 2000 but was later closed. Then in 200?, RocketSnail had developed a game called “Penguin Chat” which grew to be the site most Popular Game! Club  Penguin later used this as a rough draft.


A Lot of the rooms in Penguin Chat 3 looked quite similar but different from today-

The Night Looked WAY Different than today’s. A Band  played on the Stage (Instead of a DJ Table was 2 Speakers) and there was no Green Puffle Dancing on the Speaker. (Dj3k Came in July 2008) Another Major Difference was that there was no Upper Level of the Night Club. The Lounge came later on in time. One the same as today is that the Boiler Room was Accessible in the Night Club except Instead of walking to the Top Right-Hand Speaker, you would have to walk onto the Wire of the Right Lower-Hand Speaker.

The Boiler Room didn’t have much a purpose back then. Since the Underground Pool wasn’t created yet, it’s purpose was to heat the Night Club. In Penguin Chat 3, there was no Newspaper, So the filing cabinet didn’t have much a purpose either. (Also the Room was more Dark-ish Looking)

Penguin Chat 3 Boiler Room

There where no snow forts yet. All there was a Coming Soon Sign.

Penguin Chat 3 Snow Forts (Coming Soon)

The town looks the same but its snowing and there was more than one set of tables and chairs outside the coffee shop!

The Coffee shop looked the same as today but it was very boring. In the Old Club Penguin, the Coffee Shop had no Bean Counters (Yet) and no Upper Level Book Room (Yet). Back then, Penguin kept there selves busy by pretending they were waiters and chat with others.

In Penguin Chat 3, there was no way to earn coins or any kind money in any sort of way. So if a penguin where to visit the Gift Shop, they would be transported to a page in RocketSnail.com where they could buy real life merchandise such as key chains and T-Shirts with Real Life Money (No Coins, Remember?).

Gift Shop PC3

In Penguin Chat 3, there were no igloos, however there was a public one with a band in it. Since Penguin Chat 3 really didn’t “Make” Music, they used songs off the Internet. The songs on Penguin Chat were “I’m at 9933” “I’ve Been Delayed” and “Bannana Phone”.

Penguin Chat 3 Igloo

You could also be a hard hat worker. You had to click on the hook of the crane in the sky (the crane was behind a fence in the back) in the snowfields that were right of the Town to get the hard hat (you didn’t have a player card back then so you didn’t really get a hard hat, you just wore one). If you danced, you would be drilling the ground and if you went into the middle snow fields, you’d be driving a snowcat.
PC3 Snow Chat

In Penguin Chat 3 you could also become a Ninja!  All you had to do was Click the “Color Select” Button on your toolbar. Then Click the “N” in “Select your penguin”. Once you had clicked “N” you would select the Black Penguin and the Ninja would appear! Later on when Club Penguin Came, they decided to Secret Agents and Tour Guides Instead. But Later on in time, Club Penguin created a Card Game where you could earn Belts and then once you got to Black Belt you could defeat the Master “Sensei” and earn your Ninja Mask.
Color Select Ninja

Before Sensei had even Come to Club Penguin, Some Beta Testers Such as JaMeS still had the Ninja Mask and Black Belt.

When Penguins Danced with The ninja outfit they became invisible! This can still be done on today’s Club Penguin While wearing the ninja outfit and the ninja mask!


I’m not really sure if the Penguin is hacking or if that was just one of the abilities of ninjas!


I Guess Snails were mods back then in Penguin Chat 3! I also think that Happy77 used to work for the RocketSnail team even before Club Penguin!

Coffee Shop

Also before Penguin Chat 3, there was Penguin Chat and Penguin Chat 2. Penguin Chat only had about 3 Rooms and not as good

  • Penguin Chat Still Available!
  • Penguin Chat 2 – Closed
  • Penguin Chat 3 -Replaced by Club Penguin

Eventually One Day, the RocketSnail Team Announced that they were creating something called “Club Penguin”. If you had visited the site at the time it would should the site logo saying that the site was Coming Soon. Later, Penguin Chat 3 closed and all the players were for forced to wait on so called “Club Penguin” at the time to release.

Beta testing for Club Penguin started sometime in September 2005. The whole point of  Beta Testing was so that the public could sign up to help fix the bugs and glitches in the beta version of Club Penguin. Bellow is a pic of one the crazy glitches that happened during the game’s Beta Days.

After hard work of squashing bugs and fixing glitches,
On September 21st, 2005 Club Penguin had it’s first party! It was the Beta Party 2005! The party was on a Wednesday and only lasted about 2 hours and at least 155 Penguin had attended it.

Beta Party

Plus the party gave away Club Penguins First Free Item… The Beta Tester hat! 155 penguins attended that party, that means only 155 penguin actually have the item. At the time the item wasn’t much a big deal but now just about ever one on Club Penguin today who doesn’t have it would do anything to get it, even hack! Most of the REAL Beta Testers where the item just to show it off but other prefer less attention without any penguins surrounding them asking to be there buddies. 

Here are some actual pics of the party with many of the beta testers of which most of them still play Club Penguin today. Beta Testers can be found mostly on popular servers such as Mammoth and Frozen.

Stimpy1236 even got to back in time! (Pic is Fake)


 After the Beta Party had Ended, Club Penguin First Annual Party Arrived! It was Club Penguin’s First Halloween Party!

Halloween Party 2005

Soon after the Party Ended. The November 2005 Penguin Style Catalog Released with a bigger Color Selection!
(Lime Green Came Later on through CP’s History)

New Colors

In November 2005, Club Penguin has a little server testing to the public kinda like CPIP. (Club Penguin Improvement project). It wasn’t much a party but it did give out a few free items! The Free items were Pink Toque, Black Toque, Bowtie, Red Sunglasses, and Blue Sunglasses. Members could also get a few new items as well!
Server Test 05 (Specail thanks to JaMeS)

Soon Many more Members Joined which started over crowding the Gift Shop, thus the Sports Shop was born. But Still both Shops get more customers every time there is a new catalog!

New Sports Shop

Also in November, Igloo Upgrades became available for members and strange puffballs were spotted at the Snowforts!

Later on, Club Penguin’s First Christmas came and at the time, just about every Member Penguin was wearing the latest fashion trend at the time of  a Black Hoodies and Pink and Black Toques.

X-Mas 2005

The Christmas Party 2005 was to celebrate the Winter Holidays toward the end of 2005. During the Party, Over 12,900 Penguins Logged in and over 10,000 Collect the Free items! (Santa Hat and Green and Red Stripped Scarf.) Club Penguin decided to Extend the party and over 3,500 new penguins joined! during the party! The Items where hidden inside present boxes at the Ice Rink and the Ski Lodge! 😀

Christmas 2006

Also Around X-Mas, On December 29th 2005, David Krysko better known as Gizmo, Joined the Club Penguin Team. You can Still meet him. He mostly goes on Club Penguin in his spare time on his spare penguin “Vader2006”. He Usually goes on Frozen and Sleet. If you meet a penguin by the name of Vader2006 saying that he is Gizmo, HE’S TELLING THE TRUTH! 😛

Along with the New Mod, came a new game in the Pet Shop! Puffle Roundup released an X-Mas Gift for CP’s First Year! The Game was meant so that the Pet Shop would get more pets!

Puffle Roundup

Then in January came Club Penguin’s First Ever Better Igloos Catalog!

Better Igloos Jan 06

Also Speaking of Catalogs, the January 2006 Penguin Style Catalog Released of which Hoodies were available in many colors other than black! The News Colors included The Pink, Green, and Purple Hoodies! (The Red and Blue Hoodies came later on in CP’s Past)

Penguin Style Jan 06

 Sometime in January 2006, Club Penguin divided up the Servers by country. At the time there was on United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. (Australia had not been added yet.)
Jan 06 Country Servers

Along with the New Servers came Club Penguin’s First Official Wallpaper!
(Click to Enlarge)
Club Penguin's First Wall Paper

With all the Winter Blues Going On, Club Penguin Decided to throw a Festive Luau! Like all of Club Penguin’s Parties at the time, the decorations were just pretty simply and laid out rather than today were Club Penguin takes there parties to the EXTREME! The Free Item for the Party was the Hawaiian Lei at the Dock.

Winter Luau


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26 07 2008

some of these are wrong like the penguinchat.com is not by rocketsnail it was made by some other people copying expiremental penguins which is realy made by rocketsnail

20 09 2008

Well fever
Is a ninja.

Sadly Fever/Watex is not a ninja. He used the Old Glitch of Zoom in to 800 and Click on White Side of the Page. That Dosnt Work now. Than a month after Club Penguin Big Edit. Instead of 800 Zoom Custom, They used 700 and they were able to walk on walls. But Club Penguin Fixed that. Later Microchip123 had invented Penguinfire2.1 and Penguinstorm Witch on Both Walk on Walls With and With a wow.swf code with Penguinfire you be able to walk on walls with other penguins seeing you. I have a post of how to do that! 😀

21 09 2008

i dont know how to be a ninja and i want to really me one and i know there real because ive seen one so can and one awser this question plz

Sorry, Club Penguin has not released a ninja outfit yet but you can Walk on Walls!

22 11 2008
Pink Daniels3456


30 11 2008

you saw me on cp i was in Fjord then i saw Mimo777

30 11 2008

and i also saw rasnal.billybob and screen hog i hope i see aunarctic and “G”

30 11 2008

i promiss i saw all of them in cp i promiss apon my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 02 2009

Sadly Fever/Watex is not a ninja. He used the Old Glitch of Zoom in to 800 and Click on White Side of the Page. That Dosnt Work now. Than a month after Club Penguin Big Edit. Instead of 800 Zoom Custom, They used 700 and they were able to walk on walls. But Club Penguin Fixed that. Later Microchip123 had invented Penguinfire2.1 and Penguinstorm Witch on Both Walk on Walls With and With a —>wow.swf <–code with Penguinfire you be able to walk on walls with other penguins seeing you. I have a post of how to do that!

can u give me a link where i can get that?

11 03 2009
not giving my name

i’m amazed that the old map didn’t have the beach on it or the cove! 🙂

Stimpy1236: I have to admit it but the Beach did come before the Cove. The Cove Used to be members only but evenually it became for all penguins. Then of course came the Catch’n Waves Game. And thats just about all the history about the cove.

11 03 2009
hot chick06

i gotta admit, this is a great web site!

12 03 2009
Nester 5000

How do u get beta hat now?

You can’t. The only way to get it is to hack it with Penguinstorm 4.1

Simply Click Edit then “Your Player” then click Edit Items (Client Side) Type in 413 and the Beta Hat will be on your penguin! Unfornately other penguins can’t see it, but its still fun wearing it!

15 03 2009

o club é um maximo

17 03 2009

actualy , BC means before Christ. (Christ is Jesus)

Stimpy1236: I KNOW thats what B.C. Stands for. Before Computers is just a joke!

11 04 2009

wow thisis so cool the other clubs are rubbise

15 04 2009

Do you think I could use a few images. I will put a link to your website on my links page and I will say by Stimpy1236

Stimpy1236: Well I guess it’s OK if you put the Link and “By Stimpy1236”. 🙂

8 06 2009
~Hope Aka Clubpenguinfan~

Wow! That’s SO cool! 😀

Thanks for sharing that with us! 🙂

~Hope Aka Clubpenguinfan~

13 06 2009

If you are about to comment…

16 07 2009


Stimpy1236: Ummm… Ok, I guess I’ll edit it but I’m not shutting it down because of who hard I’ve worked on it so far! Are you really the REAL Happy77? (Just Wondering). If you really are, Prove it! Meet me on Club Penguin this Monday, July 20 during Music Jam at the Cove at 1:00 PM PST. If you don’t show up, that means your a fraud. Make sure that when you log on, your on “Happy77”. Not some so call “Spare” penguin. If you aren’t the real Happy77, I will not shut down the page even if you are the actual Happy77. But I will edit though to your concern….

13 05 2010


13 05 2010

no im not the real happy77 aduhaduhaduh im stoopiddd.. dont shut down ur webpage its tew kewll.

1 08 2009
snow critter

I dont think thats the real Happy77. Happy77 would ask politely, without all those !!!!!!!!!!!

17 08 2009

lol its a laugh:p

12 09 2009
Verac123 (In CP)

Lol… I was in the 2005 Christmas party. The scarf is kinda nooby. Not much point of wearing. The santa hat is obtainable every Christmas though. So the free items in Christmas 2005 were not really that good.

26 09 2009
Tomato 8883

Hey Stimpy 1236 did Happy77 actually go? I want to know so bad! Please respond.

24 12 2009
Stimpy 1236

im not sure

1 12 2009

yo stimpy u rock

1 12 2009

peace out for cp

1 12 2009

Dear all club penguin fan’s I love this history report you should all check it out and learn about club penguin’s awesome past. OH! I almost forgot waddle on. look for me on Christmas my penguin name is liammail883. WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stimpy1236- I appreciate your compliment, Thanks! Until then… Waddle On! 🙂

3 12 2009

fever was caught in the gift shop on club penguin on sever Tobbogan and was caught by this penguin Billybob thats amazing and a true story then Paintboy100 came and then Mimo777 and me where in shock it was at 6:55pm on december the 3rd it was damn amazing it was so cool it was like rockhopper could come is well but if he did everyone would be in there like freaking mad ok now bye!!!! reply to me plz!!!!!!

Stimpy1236- Thank you for the information, it may come in handy some time. 🙂

24 12 2009
Broons 2

Wow LOTS of mods in the gift shop! WOW i hope that happens again!

21 12 2009
Erika blanky

Clubpenguin gives alot of memories, crys, laughs. and of course sighs. But I have one little question. You know how you can ‘adopt’ penguins//babys in the pet shop? How’d that happen?

1 03 2010

never new that


1 03 2010

never new that


1 03 2010

never new that

I MISS U YY 890!!!!!!


3 03 2010

that is really cool!

8 03 2010

Proud member since 2003. Used to be so great…

11 04 2010

this site is so awesome… but there hasent been any thing new lately were are you?

26 04 2010

hi im salam7889 on clubpenguin so if you see me tthen i put a comment on here so try to meet me on clubpenguin so bye!

26 04 2010

im a member on clubpenguin just like i just put a comment on here this is how i look like i look cool on clubpenguin i have a blue hat and i have a neclis and super hero eye stuff and that is it

26 04 2010

meet me please on clubpenguin if you did then add me on clubpenguin so bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i keep on putting diffirent clothes on clubpenguin so sorry but you still know my name on clubpenguin so meet me on clubpenguin

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if you forrgot my name on clubpenguin here it is salam7889 salam7889 salam7889 salam7889 ok so bye

27 04 2010
blue paddles

wow interesting tell us how to find these penguins because i have heard of billybob so bye =)

5 05 2010

Hey! I wanted to say that your website is very good and I have learned a lot about the history and if only the ninja suit today had the sword like in penguin chat 3 Waddle on!

13 05 2010

can you gives me a penguin that you used pllzzzz??? my penguin is sucks if you email me a Rubbatubby8@aol.com we can trade plz i want a better penguin!

18 05 2010

Is there anyway to go skip time and go to partys early cus I’m really tired of having to wait for a party and have you noticed the lack of partys this year?

11 06 2010

Hey stimpy really good website I love it

5 07 2010
Tomato 8883

Hi. What really gets annoying is that new penguins act like they know everything about club penguin. For example, they brag about knowing where places are and would say “I know where the cove is!” like they know everything about cp.

5 07 2010
Tomato 8883

Hey! I tried to send a comment, but it said “looks like you already sent that comment.

24 10 2010


27 02 2011
Tomato 8883

Disney did kind of ruin CP if only there was a way to travel back in time and go on the old CP.

13 11 2010

I just saw a baby earlier saying “draws dream family with broken crayons.” Some of them try to win you over with spoiled-ish cuteness, and others are playing on your sympathy. I really miss older CP.

2 12 2010

As do I.

27 02 2011
Tomato 8883

Oh yeah that baby thing is SUPER annoying I wonder where that started

2 12 2010


22 12 2010

os penguins novos podemos ate não saber muito sobre o antigo cp mais eu ja sou um expert no cp de hoje e sei que vcs tambem ja foram novatos nos experientes começamos como novatos então devemos respeita los pra eles poderem aprender melhor sobre cp se vcs lembrarem de quando vcs eram novatos vaõ perceber que faziam as mesmas perguntas

15 02 2011

I love this site 😦 I never even saw penguin Chat 3

15 02 2011

and the remakes arent the same

5 09 2011

i fell sorry because i wanted to see the 2nd one and 3rd

very sorry


3 07 2011

I Want old cp back NOW NOW NOW NOW

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