Funny Pics

Stimpy1236… The Ultimate Sled Racer- (Click to enlarge)

Ultimant Sled Racer

Bombs Away!

 A Club Puffle Player Card!-

Puffle Playercard

Naughty Billybob!-


For most Hockey Players on Club Penguin, they’ve never heard of the words “Summer Fun”-

I don’t see any similarities with a Penguin and a Puffle:


(NOTE: This is an Edit. I was not trying to offend anyone)

Blue vs. Red

sledracemistake.PNG By Tom Yellow


 How to play the Piano

 How to play a Duet on the Piano



Billybob’s Favorite Button-

 hungry-pumpkin.jpg Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Hungry Pumpkin Puffle!

  Sad, Neutral, Happy? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

bang.gif And they call him Mozart….

Looks Like Stimpy1236 took a Wrong Turn!- (Click to Enlarge)
Funny Pic Google Lost Resize

(Click to enlarge)

  Hopefully they make it out a live….

That must be a really good burger if its locked in a safe

 By my good friend victumoftalk

What happens when Stimpy1236’s throws a big party on Snow Board- (Click to Enlarge)
Big Party Funny Pic 32

That is what happens if you leave your TV on for 23 days in a row-

Its Time for Pizza or is it cookies? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I was a bone head being scared on  Halloween!


Now that’s What I call Music!


OMG! Its the Silver Surfer Penguin!


On and Off, On and Off, On and Off….


Night at the Mues. Spoof CP Funny Pic 21

 By Woton

  By Worton



Something isn’t Right Here:



The REAL Mullet-


Why I’m Scared of Puffles- (I don’t Really Want to Talk About it)


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44 responses

22 07 2008

LOL awesome funny pics i did the server testing too it was fun and it was intresting to be a green puffle lol

23 08 2008

how funny!!!!

30 08 2008

hey stimpy1236 download hypersnap and you can press print screen to automatically bring up hypersnap and then you can just go to image: crop and select the part of the image you want and just save as a jpeg.

31 08 2008

do click the button that says it blows up your computer. Funny things happen

10 09 2008

Lol! 😆

23 09 2008

lolz that’s hillarious! esp. the club puffle and the one when the yellow dude bangs on the keyboard that was a CLASSIC!

26 09 2008

The first one is the funniest!!! Hey how did the penguin have brains like my classmates?!?!? any way cool pictures!!!

23 12 2008
Lilly541 not logged in

LOL! Will your PC really blow up if you click the button?

Stimpy1236: No it Won’t but it will Say Funny things thought!! 😀

25 01 2009

oh my goodness that puffle pic during card jitsu gave me a laugh i to once had that experience : [

26 01 2009

6 New Funny Picutures!! Can You Find them All????????

26 01 2009

Ok So he was a bad secrets agent. NOW he’s a bad Dj!

23 11 2009

i really like the one where there all like attack

26 01 2009

I Like the Blender! s u or c k

I like Pie but only when its fresh!

I like a Varitey of Vegetables!

13 02 2009

LOL!!!!! No offense, 😦 but when i read “I like a variety of vegetables”, LOL!!!! I LAUGHED INSANELY! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOL!!!!! THE TOUGH GUY!!!! NO WONDER HE’S TOUGH! HA! Ok, I’ll stop. welp, seeya!

13 02 2009

oh oops, i skipped the part after “no offense” what i was going to say is, “i didn’t think anything was funny(still no offense),” lol, the () parts don’t count. have a happy life! 😉 (I mean it. >:D)

11 03 2010
Tomato 8883

OH YEAH? I doubt YOU could make a funnier picture Girl3561!
P.S. Stimpy those pictures ROCK!!!!! Waddle on!

19 02 2009

lol im with stupid that is a good one

30 08 2009

funny pics. will ur PC actually blow up if u push tht? ill remember tht next time i want to make my computer blow up lolz

14 09 2009

my pc did not blow up when I clicked it

25 09 2009

LOL great pics! i like the snow board party and the why im scared of puffles =D

25 10 2009

Well, that’s the end of the Club penguin funny pictures

2 11 2009

I clicked the button, nothing happened.

Stimpy1236-Sorry, I take a look at it.

2 02 2010
the beast198

very funny 🙂

5 02 2010

tell me when will the PC destroyder button fixed


6 02 2010

what will it say when i push the button to make my pc blow up? it wont work. it even says it on the website!!!!!! boo hoo. i want to see it. luv the pics. rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 02 2010

does that button blow up ur pc for real

12 03 2010

Soooo funny! My fav was he was a bad agent, now he is a bad DJ HA HA

1 06 2010
Jasson25 A.K.A Metalstar28 ( I miss Snake1216 D': )

Funny a** pics pls make more I really like them.

26 06 2010
Kenny Horner

What power card made the puffle thing happen?

26 06 2010

What poer card made the puffle thing happen? I WANT THAT CARD!

26 06 2010

What power card made the puffle thing happen? I WANT THAT CARD!

That Puffle Card is very funny lol. You have to buy it, in the Card Jitsu Card Code Packs. They’re at places like Target and Toys R Us


2 07 2010

omg will you please tell me what would happen with the button i would LOVE for my cp 2 blow up MY PC SUKS

6 07 2010

if u put the three judges from surfin’ thingy put make the first penguin say i like flips and the second say i like asds and the three penguin say i like my moms butt

16 07 2010

lol lol lol lol lol lol LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!! luv ur funny pics! add more soon plz!!!!!!!!!

30 07 2010
just hardy

stimpy post a comment at my sit hey nice pics

plz plz plz post a comment

7 08 2010

Cuh Tu Muh. I will teach you how to dance with news paper. 🙂 Open news paper.
Press tab until it goes on your writing thing. Press D. Delete it. Now go to the back of the news. Press Alt and F4. There you go! Enjoy!

9 08 2010
Mr Boboo

won’t risk pressing the button

13 08 2010


4 09 2010

i luv this website!!!!!!
i luv the mozart pic!!!!!!

24 10 2010

lol these are so funny but when i pressed the pc blow-up thing it really did shut off my computer lol you should make more

5 12 2010

I like the funny pics 😀 i always read them over and over now im stuck on funny 30

17 12 2010

Omg…These are too funny!

4 01 2011

Well are u sure that u don’t really want to talk about puffles?

26 02 2011

LOL the Mozart one i almost laught till my stomic hurts

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