Penguin Style Catalog Sneak Peek!

27 04 2009

Hey Guys!
Today Billybob posted a sneak peek of the new Penguin Style Catalog that comes out on May 1st! Check it out!


He also said that he was thinking about a challenge, and that challenge is to get as many of your friends as you can into an area with wigs! He said the more wigs the better! The wackier the wigs the better! Can you try the challenge?

Until Then…Waddle On!!!!



Where to Find Rockhopper in Walt Disney World, New Comic, and Parties Page Delay!

26 04 2009

Hey Guys!

Today Billybob Posted where you can Rockhopper in Walt Disney World Florida! He will waddling around Disney Hollywood Studios from April 30 to May 13th! I still don’t understand why they could have let him hang out by the Pirates of the Caribbean section. Anyway here is where you¬†can find him:

X makes the Spot of which Rockhopper can be met:


Also today, the Club Penguin Team Release a New Comic on the Community Page call “Easily Distracted”!


One last thing, Sorry the Club Penguin Parties is Delayed. Yesterday I was really busy and couldn’t release it early enough. I found more party pictures so now it might take a little longer than expected. Sorry about that ūüė¶


Until then… Waddle On!


Sled Racing Updates, New Dance Contest Member Tracks, and New Pin Hidden

24 04 2009

Hey guys!

Today there is a lot new!

First off, you can find the Tree Pin at the Dojo Courtyard:

Dojo Tree Pin

Also today the Sled Racing Game got an Upgrade and now has music along with new toboggans!

Ski Hill Tobbagon

Members can now Purchase toboggans at the ski hill and use them during sled races as long as they are wearing them before the race starts!


In other News, the new music tracks¬†for “Dance Contest”¬†released today, they are “Lets Bounce!” “Patrick’s Jig!” And “Go West!”¬†Sadly,¬†Only members can dance to the new songs. The “Go West” Track is just like the music for the Forest During the Music Jam 2008 but fixed up with a little Funk added along with the fact that it has been extended. The “Patrick’s Jig!’ Is basically the Music used for the Music¬† of the Night Club During the St. Patrick’s Day Party 2009, but this time is a little Remixed and Extended. As for the song “Let’s Bounce” is totally new and the Rhythm is really bouncy! To experience the Bounciness for yourself, you have to be a member first. Be on the look out for membership contest soon! ūüėÄ

New Member Tracks


Until Then…Waddle On!!!


Medieval Party Sneak Peek!

23 04 2009

Hey Guys!

Update: Check out the Club Penguin Parties Page to view all the Medieval Party Rooms! (With No Penguins in the Way!)

Today Billybob posted a Sneak Peek of the Ye Old Medieval Party coming in May! Check it out-ith!


Here is what I will Probably Look Like when finished: (Picture from Last years Party! DONT NOT COPY)                       (Click to Enlarge)


As Billybob described the Party, it seams like that it will be just like last year’s with the Dragons, Blacksmiths, knights, kings, and queens! By the Way, I managed to get¬†some pictures from last years Medieval Party! If you copy it you must give ME Credit and a link to my site.

Click to Enlarge Pictures!









To see more Party Pictures, be sure to Check out the All New Parties Page on Saturday! Parties Page now Available

Until then… Waddle On!


New Newspaper!

23 04 2009

Hey Guys!
Today the new newspaper came out with the medieval party being a topic, Check out the Medieval cover!


With the Medieval cover there is a Medieval page too, can you figure out the ending to the Medieval story in the page?


And as Billybob said there would be, there is more info on Penguins getting paid in the newspaper. On the page about penguins getting paid it says that Tour Guides and Secret Agents will get paid a total of 250 coins a month, and if you are both a Secret Agent and Tour Guide you will get a total of 500 coins a month. (you will get the money by mail)


Also the secrets page tells you how to get the silver surfboard at the Cove and the Secret Stone igloo in the Igloo upgrade catalog.


And finally the activity’s page dose not really have anything new on it except the Medieval Party.


Until Then…Waddle On!!!


Penguins Getting Paid!

20 04 2009

Hey Guys!
Today Billybob posted about a challenge, if you would like to help out penguins around the island you might want to consider this challenge…it’s going to be announced in the club penguin times later this week that starting May 1st Penguins will get paid every month for doing those jobs! Penguins will actually be able to get paid for their helpful duties around the island! (about time!) Aunt Arctic will have updates in the newspaper this week.


Until Then…Waddle On!


Rockhopper in Walt Disney World!

18 04 2009

Hey Guys!

Today Billybob Announced that Rockhopper will be¬†visiting Walt Disney Word¬†Theme Park in Florida for 2 weeks! He will be there from April 30th¬†to May 13th!¬†You know how every-time he visits Club Penguin and penguins get REALLY excited, well this time, people will be able to actually interact with him! Now instead of adding him, you can shake his hand and/or take a picture with you and him! I wonder if he will bring Yarr! ūüėÄ


Until then… Waddle On!