(AGAIN, this site is inoperational. I cannot garentee all of the followimg are still functioning as originally intended. ~Stimpy1236)

How to Stand on a pathway:

1. You must go to a room that connects with another room. (Such as Town, Snowforts, beach or plaza)
2. Stand at least 2 inches away  from the path you wish to stand on. 


3. Next Click on the pathway and quickly open your mail then wait a few seconds. (At least 10 seconds just  to be safe)


4. And this Should Happen!


How to Catch the Mullet in Ice Fishing:

1.Toward the end of the game there are three fish. Catch one but keep it on your line.
2. Wait for the Mullet to come
3. Lower the fish in the Mullet’s Mouth
4. You Caught the Mullet! You will Receive a 100 coin bonus.

TIP: How to tell when the Final 3 fish are coming: See mullet in the distance or at the end of the game when you see no enemies or dangers.


Hidden and Secret Rooms:

1. Open Your Map
2. Click On The Ice Floating The Water:


Dojo: (No Longer Hidden)
1. Open Your Map
2. Click the little palace between the high mountains


Ninja Hideout:
1. This ONLY Works when you become a black belt and earn your Ninja Mask. For Ninja Tips Click Here!
2. Once Your A ninja go to the Dojo Courtyard and Click on the Square Stone on the Wall to the Left of the Dojo itself . A Door Should Appear.


3.You Should Be Here!


HQ (Spy Headquarters):
1.Become a Secret Agent (Penguin MUST be 30 days old to become one)
2. Pass the Test and Earn your Spyphone.
3. Open your spyphone and Click “Visit HQ”
4. You Should be here:
Note: You can also enter the HQ through the Changing Room in the Sports Shop.


Agent Com (Elite Penguin Force Command Room):
1. Buy the game “Elite Penguin Force” for the Nintendo DS
2. Open it. You should find a piece of paper in the case somewhere with a code on it.
3. Log on Club Penguin and click on the “Unlock Items Online Button” then click on ‘I have a code’.
4. Type in the Code and click Done. You will Receive 2000 Coins, A Spy Phone, An EPF Agent Certificate, and Unlock the Command Room!


5. Now that your an EPF Agent go HQ and Click on the Closet in the HQ!


6. Now You Should Be Here!


Dessert Mode In Pizzatron:

1. Open up Pizzatron 3000 which is located in the Pizza Parlor.
2. You will see a lever and click on it to switch it to Dessert Mode.
3. For Pizza Tips CLICK HERE! (If it Zooms Out  Click on the Image to Zoom In)


 Earn 1,000 Coins In Jetpack Adventure:
1. Play Jetpack Adventure
2. Do not get a single coins and at the end you will get 1,000 Coins.


How To Sit Forward:
1. Make Sure Your Chatbar isn’t blinking
2. Move Somewhere and turn straight with your cursor and press ‘S’ on your keyboard

Also Try Doing it With a Book to make it look like your Reading it! For Book Codes CLICK HERE!


Astro Barrier Cheats-
Go to levels 10, 20, or 30 at the beginning of the game:
1. Before you click “Start” type  number 1, 2, or 3 on your keyboard and you will unlock the Levels! Limit: Level 30.


Astro Barrier Secret Levels:
1.On the “Hit Enter” screen in between levels 10 and 11 wait 30 seconds and shoot the blue ship that appears on the left for the secret levels.


Astro Barrier Expert Levels:
1. Wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31 and shoot the blue ship that appears.
Note: Do not Destroy turret or you won’t hit the ship. By the Way Turberts steal your bullets. So Everytime you shoot you use up to more than one bullet.



Wave Really Fast:
1. Make sure your chat box isn’t blinking.
2. Press “W” on the keyboard  really fast
3. Also Try Making the Noise Marker by doing the same think but with whistle or the bell!

Secret Emotes-

UPDATE: The E + S Emote no longer works.

1. Here is how the list below works. When doing a emote on the keyboard press ‘E’ and then the Letter your want for the emote! Example: e  p= press ‘E’ on the keyboard then press ‘P’ on the keyboard and you’ll get the Puffle Emote! Remember to make sure your chat bar isn’t blinking!
2. Here are other Emotes you can make with the Keyboard!


How to shoot snowballs really fast:
Rather than pressing the snowball button on the chatbar in Club Penguin, just push T on your keyboard. So just keep pushing T and clicking to fire and you’ll be shooting real fast!

Spin the Target in the Snowforts:
1.When in the Snowfort Fire a Snowball at the Target on the Clock Tower and it will Spin!


Agent Quiz Answers:
Here are all the Answer to the Agent Quiz.
To Get the Quiz Wait until your penguin is 30 days old and click on the ‘M’ Badge. Then click “Become Secret Agent”.

1.Pick one quality that you think a Secret Agent should have:
Answer: Honest

2. Pick the correct reason to report a penguin to a moderator:
Answer: Being mean or rude

3. What would you do if you saw penguin breaking the rules?
Answer: Report them

4. Which type of personal information should be reported?
Answer: Saying their address

5. Pick one reason why you want to be a Secret Agent.
Answer: I want to keep Club Penguin Safe

6. Pick another reason why you want to be a Secret Agent.
Answer: I want to help other penguins

Once Your Finished with the Quiz you’ll Receive your spyphone. It should say this:


Become A Tour Guide:

Wait until you are 45 days old, then go to the Ski Village and click on the tour guide booth next to the Lodge. You will be presented with a quiz. The questions aren’t always in the same order, but here are all the answers. The questions are in italics.

How many sled-racing courses are there?
Answer: 4

How does the pink puffle play?
Answer: Skips with skipping rope

What is the name of the big fish in ice fishing?

What day does the newspaper come out?
Answer: Thursday

Which of these games has a shark in it?
Answer:Jet pack adventure

What color of puffle can catch on fire?

How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?

What is thrown out of the truck in level 4 of bean counters?
Answer: A Flowerpot

In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin Times?
Answer: The Boiler Room

What is the name of Captain Rockhopper’s ship?
Answer: The Migrator

Which of these rooms does not have a game in it?
Answer: Beach

Which room has a cuckoo clock?
Answer: Ski Lodge

How do you get a pin?
Answer: Walk on top of it

Which of these places doesn’t have music playing in the background?
Answer: Pet Shop

Now that you’ve passed the test you earn your Tour Guide Hat which will allow you to give tours!


Bean Counter Perfect Employee:

Unload all 5 trucks in Bean Counter for a 60 coin bonus.


Low definition Club Penguin:

This is good if you’re in a laggy server. Press the += button next to the Backspace button to go to Low-def CP mode. You won’t lag anymore but it will look like something that came out of the trash!


Overload your Penguin Mail: (Not Much a cheat)

1. This cheat may take awhile but its fun!

2. Normal your penguin mail can only hold up to 50 messages but here is to make it fill more!

3. Wait Until your Penguin mail is full.

4. Then just wait for Club Penguin to send you mail or just buy a puffle!

5. Your Mail box will be Overloaded!


Play Games With Your Puffle:

If you bring a certain puffle to a certain game, they can can help you a bit!

Surf with your Red Puffle-
1. Go to your igloo and walk your Red Puffle.
2. Go to the Cove and Play “Catchin’ Waves”
3. Your Red Puffle will Get you Extra Points by doing some tricks!


Dance with your Purple Puffle-
1. Go to your igloo and walk your Purple Puffle
2. Go to the Dance Club and play “Dance Contest”
3. The Purple Puffle will give you extra points and help you bust some moves on the dance floor!


Dive with your Pink Puffle-
1. Go to your igloo and walk your Pink Puffle.
2. Go to the Iceberg and play “Aqua Grabber”
3. The Pink Puffle will help you by giving you Air Bubbles!


View Old Newspapers:

1. Go to Boiler Room. You can get there by either going to the Dance Club and Click on the Speaker. Or go to the Plaza and Click on the manhole, then go to the door to the Left.

2. Click on the Filing Cabinet.

3. Now you will be able to look at old newspappers from the last 6 Weeks!


Thin Ice Walkthrough:

Here is a Guide to beating the game “Thin Ice” without missing a single block.

Level 1- (The Red Block is the Finish)


Level 2-


Level 3-


Level 4- (Money Bags Gives you Extra Coins and Points)


Level 5-


Level 6-


Level 7-


Level 8- (The Dark Red Lines are the lines that intersect)


Level 9- (These Dark Red Lines Mean you go on the block(s) again)


Level 10- (When you get the key it unlocks the yellow block which is normal near the finish)


Level 11-


Level 12-


Level 13-


Level 14-


Level 15-


Level 16-


Level 17-


Level 18-


Level 19- (Secret Path will Reveal when you go on the Circle Block. The Path is Filled will Money Bags!)


Say Nothing:
This Cheat Is Very Simple. All you Have to is press the spacebar and click sent on your chatbox.



1. To Spam on Club Penguin, hold J on your keyboard. You can stop by releasing the key.


Time Warp-

1. Go to any room in club penguin
2. Hold down the button that says “Print Scrn” on your keyboard (Located in between F12 and Scroll Lock)
3. Time will SlOwDoWn
4. WARNING: If you Exit the Room while holding the Button, it might load forever.

The crying puffle Emote:
1.Press EP on your keyboard to make the puffles sign.
2.Press +/= on your keyboard to make it look like its crying!

Puffle With No Name:
When you name your puffle, simply name it by typing a bunch of spaces.


Catch The Grey Fish In Ice Fishing:

1. Purchase the fishing rod from the Snow & Sports Catalog.

2. Wear it on you player card as you go into the game.

3. When a grey fish comes, make sure you the bait is below it, as it tries to duck under your rod.


Play Expert Mode in “Dance Contest”

The Expert Level is only available if you click on Cadence when you are choosing your game level. She’ll ask you if you really want to try the Expert Level, and you need to say yes. When playing multiplayer, it is available in the difficulty menu.



Unlock Captain’s Quarters Key:

1. Go to Book Room (Found in Upper Level of Coffee Shop)

2. Click on the Book Icon in the Right Bottom Corner of your screen or walk over to the book shelf.

3. A Bookshelf will Appear, Click on the book on the Bottom Shelf to the Far Right that says “The Journal of Captain Rockhopper”

4. Go to the Last Page of the Book and you see a key.

5. Click on it, and now the Captains Quarter’s Key is in your inventory. When ever Rockhopper Arrives, you now have access to the Captains Quarter’s where you can Play Treasure Hunt as well as read Rockhopper’s Bulletin Board! 😀


Unlock Friendship Bracelet:

1. Go to Book Room (Found in Upper Level of Coffee Shop)

2. Click on the Book Icon in the Right Bottom Corner of your screen or walk over to the book shelf.

3. A Bookshelf will Appear, Click the First Book to the Left on the Top Shelf that says “Rockhopper and the Stowaway”

4. Go to the Last Page of the Book and you see a Bracelet under the word “The End”

5. Click on the Bracelet, and now you will have the Friendship Bracelet Added to your Inventory. The Item is always available and is for both Non-Members and Members!


Catchin’ Waves Tips, Tricks, and Secrets!

The Game Catchin’ Waves, located at the Cove, also your penguin to Surf the Waves in 3 Different Modes! Bellow are some tips, tricks, and Secrets to help you get the Maximum Score you can!

Silver Surfboard Cheat:

In the Cove you’ll see an “UPgrade” on the Pink Surfboard next to Surf Hut. When the Catalog Appears, click on the word “Waves” in Catchin’ Waves to reveal the hidden secret “Silver Surfboard”


Then you can wear the Silver Surfboard and play Catchin’ Waves! It will allow you to move faster and give you to Flip Easier! Unfortunately, its Member’s ONLY. The only way Non-Members could use it is with Penguin Storm (A Hacking Program). The Silver Surfboard’s ID is 703 and can be worn with Hack; Edit Items, Client Side.


Surfing Tricks:

If you play competition mode, these are the Tricks that can Help you earn more points! Bellow is a list with all the moves, how to perform them, as well as how many points they give you!

Basic Moves:

Wave: UP key, or W key; +10 Points


Sit: DOWN Key, or S Key; +10 Points


Handstand: LEFT Key, or A Key; +10 Points


Dance: RIGHT Key, or D Key; +10 Points

Combination Moves:

The Lazy Wave: UP + DOWN or W+S (Wave + Sit) +20 Points


Coastal Kick: LEFT + RIGHT or A+D (Handstand + Dance) +20

The Backstand: (DOWN + LEFT or S+A (Sit + Handstand) +20

Surf Fever: RIGHT + UP or D+W (Dance + Wave) +

Ice Breaker: LEFT + UP or A+W (Handstand + Wave) +20

Blender: DOWN + RIGHT or S+D (Sit + Dance) +20

Cart Surfer Tips and Tricks!

The Game “Cart Surfer” is Located in the Mine. The Game is where you do various tricks and stunts to earn points, while riding a mine cart on a track. When the player finishes the game, they are directed to the Mine Shack. With the right combination of moves, Cart Surfer can be one of the fastest ways to earn coins in Club Penguin. It is the most popular game on the island! (Not including Card-Jitsu.)

Tip: Crash on purpose to make the game longer so you can earn more Points!

Tricks: Here is a list of all the Tricks you can do will Cart Surfer! The list will tell you how to Do them and how many Points they are Worth!

Note: If you do the same trick twice, it will only give you HALF the Points.

Surf Lean:  Lean while surfing;  15-60 Points

Rail Grind:  [down arrow] and then [right arrow] or [left arrow]; 20-90 Points

Air Twist:  [space] and then [right arrow] or [left arrow]; 80 – 40 Points
Back flip:  [hold down arrow for 1 second] and then [space]; 100 – 50 Points 
Free bird:  [space] and then [up arrow];   50 – 25 Points
Surf:  [up row], [down arrow] to get down; No score 
Surf Jump:  [space] (while surfing); 20 – 10 
Hand stand:  [up arrow], [up arrow]; 80 – 40 Points
Run on rails:  [down arrow], [down arrow]; 80 – 40  Points
Hard Jump: [spacebar], [down arrow]; 30 – 15 Points
Jump:  [spacebar]; no score


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