Beta Testers

(AGAIN, website is inoperative. The following page is just simply screenshots of Beta Testers Ive come across in the past. Why Ive kept this page, I have no honest clue, but feel free to see the following aa you wish ~Stimpy1236)

Here are pictures of all the beta tester’s I’ve scene

Greenday- (2 Images)

Big Red-


Za Fire L0rd-

Spybot13- (2 Images)

(NOT An EDIT! I really Am his buddy!)


Aqua Link-


Flare– (Club Penguin’s First Black Puffle) 😆


Other Beta Testers– (Thanks to Stimpy1237)





Sith Sith-


Phat Fano-












Also here is a list of  just about every single beta tester on clubpenguin! (Only half of them remain because people have been banning them 😦 )

12penguin, 743, 8stoplight8, ACE, ALI, andykohl, aqua link, aing, aspicture, Atar, Art Vandelay, America, acti0n, Awer123, Army 40, BrAnDoN, Banditt, Bad Boy, bikeboy93, bulletwolf, beepbob, bob, Billybob, BBBOnline (thanks to Inphinye), buba12345, Boomerang10, Big balla (debated by Inphinye), Browie Town, bull (thanks to mystery), Billie Joe, Billboard (thanks to ui7yuyu), Big RED, Black Sumo, BuNny, Benoit, blossom8888 (thanks to Inphinye), coco, Cepin10, Clone, Ciara M, commander k, Carazy7, Clayton, coolguy, Charze, camper 2, Celtic Jock, Computer, C00l, Caveman4, Chewit Dude, Dude19, diva1, Drake Bell, dawy1 psi, Dragon, diva, Emmy354, fano, Fireboy14, frenchfrie, finediva, Frenzen, food, Frimmen, fazdaman, frimmen, Football, FRED, Gronnie, Green, Groundhog, Gizmo, Game boy7, Gertallub, Greenday, Ham4, Hannah252, helen 2k5, Happy77, hapLANDER, Iglooman123, Ice Blaze1, ian, Icecube 360, JaMeS, joe, Jordan414, Juwo, Jeremy, Jar, Jeff, joejoe, Jiffy Boy, Justin555, Jedii, KellyM, kenboy765, Kentpet (thanks to mrwaterbird), kewl, kolbster, Knuckles, KURT ANGLE, kewl man44, Kappy44 (debated by ui7yuyu), lil cutie26,liltickoff101, liZaRD MaN, Light, lotion, LecraE, lax 5 (thanks to mr waterbird), Lalio2y4i, Lucky Lips, little wolf, little Dalek, Mace, Mckinnonmac, munkygrl, marty, mike jones, Monkey, Moody, Megatron, ManNBA, Mr Hockey,Mr Waterbird, Mike 92, Music 408, mx70, Mcdonalds, Marczoid95, neatntidy, newman, nll fan, norgit, norp, nato, ortan, ProBo, paugain, Politepanda, Penguin1503, Paper, protagonist, Penguin, Penguin1, Penguins, punk572, Photo, Power, Penguin8, ParisHilton, pengwin, Princess Haz, penguin247g, Pear24, pauguin, Qwe Poi, rsnail, ridrid44, Rozman, Redravn, RancidKraut, Screenhog, Slowpoke, storm, shapsi, sweetbirdie8, stefy73, sauska029, Shnap Dog, super1, Sanity1, Someguy43, Secretcode6, Stcupp, Starkat77, tallgirl, Trot Along, terrace, think pink, Tux, Taco, Texas, twinz, Theoutfit1, Timberstone, Turtlegirl7, Terzaguin, Tundrafluff, Waterboy, yellowsubmarine, zipi23, Zman, Zach55, Zach592


11 responses

10 04 2009

I think you missed A LOT of other Beta Testers, including 2 I didn’t see that we both know, and how could you know there aren’t more? You can never know how many Beta Testers are on Club Penguin.

20 04 2009

Whoa! Sorry! I guess you do have ALMOST all of them but you are missing Sonic X

19 05 2009

you missed starbucks

13 08 2009
snow critter

Well, you have almost all the betas, but you didnt put a picture of Fano

31 03 2010

Stimpy you forgot Stuartputt! I know this because he’s my buddy!


17 07 2010

I found this one today you forgot this one! There name is Probo. i would give you a photo but i cant put it on! sorry

30 11 2010

ur missing alot!
Kyle,Toby,Sarah77, and alot more XD

2 12 2010
Shower Caddy

i love the Bazooka of Megatron, i don’t understand why they did not include it on the movie ‘*,

2 01 2011

Check out mines!
Tons of them, and their all beta penguins!

2 04 2011

You missed Spudder

15 08 2011
auctions melbourne

I updated for the latest version, and now it keeps on identifying that tab whenever i startup firefox. What can i do?. We have updated it, there is a tab stating that we’ve, which is the problem. It’s telling me all the latest features this version offers and everything..

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