Club Penguin Times Issue #197

23 07 2009

Hey Guys!

Today the New Issue of The Club Penguin Times Released again reminding that the Music Jam goes till Saturday and ends on Monday. 
Club Penguin Times Issue #197 Cover

Today begins the Penguins Tales 2009 Story Writing Contest Call for Entries! Simply Click Submit and right a story between 100 to 500 Words for a chance to 1,101 Coins and receive VERY Special Postcard that only 4 Different Penguins from 4 Different Languages will receive! It’s all a part of 101 Days of Fun! The Contest Ends Thursday, August 5th so be sure get you story in if you want that post and a lot of dough to spend on various needs! 😛
(Click Pic Bellow to Enlarge)
Club Penguin Times Issue #197 Penguin Tales

Puzzle Spoiler- Once you connect all the Dots a Card Jitsu Playing Ninja Picture will appear!Club Penguin Times Issue #197 Puzzle Spoiler

Here are the Upcoming Events-
Club Penguin Times Issue #197 Events

(Sorry, I haven’t posted the newspaper in awhile and my new Internet kinda stinks when it comes to taken pictures. The Post is kinda sloppy as well as very low quality. Sorry! 😦 For the Rest New Issue CLICK HERE!
Until then… Waddle On!




2 responses

23 07 2009

i like the way your internet posts the news paper because of this i can actually read it!

24 07 2009

I don’t really care about my stupid Site. It’s not nearly as great as yours…and “idk” is not an answer if I can work here. I really wanna be an Author again…and if you say yes I promise to do everything you say, follow your rules, and shut down my Site. Please answer back!!!!!!

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