Club Penguin Times Issue #171 and Editor Needed

22 01 2009

Hey Guys!!!

Today the New CP Times Released and Brought back an old “In Focus” From Last Year!


And this Week Feature is On the Winter Feista Coming Back Tomorrow! To bad its only 3 days long… Maybe Club Penguin will Extend it if People Comment Enought! Which Maracas Do You think will Return?


Also there is A Selection Reviewing the Dance Party and Feturing About the Dance Contest Staying!


And there is A New Spoiler Revealing the Secret Rooms and Hints For how to Unlock them….


Here Are the Upcoming Events-


January 23-25: Winter Feista

January 30: New Snow And Sports Catalog

February 6- March 2: New Penguin Style Catalog (I think the Theme is Medieval By the Looks of it…)

In other News I Need An Editor For My Site because Sometimes on my Posts I make “Errors” in the Post. And At least An Hour or Fews Hours. After I Post I Notice it After A Bunch of People Have gone  on  the Site and Im Bit Sick of it. So if you Want to be The Editor for the Please Comment to Answer the Following Questions 😀 !


1) Do you Have A WordPress Account?

A. Yes I Do

B. No but ill Make One

C. No, I Don’t know how to Make One

D. Whats a WordPress Account?

2) How Often Will you Go on the Site to check for Errors On Posts?

A. As Soon as you Post!

B. A Couple of Minutes after the Post

C. A Few Hours After you Post

D. I’ll Edit it when I edit it!

3) Locate All the Errors in the Following Sentence and Fix Them.

  club Penguin Beta Tesers Are Awsome and Rare.


If You have A WordPress Account Please Note Your WordPress Email in your Comment.

Until then… Waddle On!!!





One response

22 01 2009

2.A (Duh)
Club Penguin Beta Testers are awesome and rare.
Ya know it!
~Dav45623 It the one in my comment!

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