(Another) Music Jam 2009 Sneak Peek and Penguin Tales Book Room Contest Returns!

13 07 2009

Hey Guys!

Today Billybob posted yet another Sneak Peek of the Music Jam 2009 kick’n off Friday!
Check out a sneak peek of what the “Beach” will look like this year! 😀 (Notice the Lighthouse Door)
Music Jam 2009 Beach Sneak Peek

Also Billybob Posted that Starting July 23 to August 5, Penguins of all different languages will be able to submit a story to the Club Penguin Times for further judgement to decide if it makes it to the Final 3 that will be in a Book in the Book Room for all to see along with each of the Author’s Penguin Names! Plus Each winner will receive a few thousands coins as an added award for their creative adventure! Except this year, 12 Different Stories from 4 Different Languages will make it to the book room! Better get a pencil and some paper, and get ready for Club Penguin’s Biggest Contest of the year! 😀
Penguin Tales Book Room Contest

Until then… Waddle On!




5 responses

16 07 2009

To Stimpy: I am no longer going to run a Site with such low views as mine, I’m lucky to have 10 views on my Site for about the past three-four days! I don’t know what happened, one day I had fifty two views and then next I had three! That is why I will be shuting down my Site soon. And, which is also why I beg of you to let me work for your Site again. I know we had a bad fight but that’s in the past and this is the present, so please let me have a spot on your Site! I don’t care what it is, I miss CP763 and I really want to work for it again, comment back at my Site.

16 07 2009

Also I forgot to tell you! The day after our Chat on my Site I got a Jouster toy and unlocked two items from the Treasure Catalog! 😀 I have the Penguin Band Sweater and the Light Up Shoes, the items went to Mmark97.

16 07 2009

Lucky, Toys R Us got them in! I’m going there Saturday, but I’m planning to get at least a few toys so I can finally unlock the Star Glasses, Black Penguin Band Hoodie, Tie Die, and a few other things as well!

16 07 2009

I’m planning to go back soon and unlock more items, items from all Treasure Catalogs!

17 07 2009

I’m waiting for an answer on my Site…

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