New Play at the Stage and Music Jam 2009 Construction!

10 07 2009

Hey Guys!

Today the new play at the stage began. “Ruby and the Ruby” a black & white play, which maybe reference to Sherlock Holmes! The Play also brought back the original pin from September!
Anyway, Here are the Catalog Cheats:
Dark Detective’s Coat: Click the Doorknob of the Building in the background:
Ruby and the Ruby Dark Detective's Coat

Noir Background: On the very back of the catalog, Click the “How do I get Coins” Box and drag your cursor down. A Background Icon will appear that can be purchase by both Members and Non- Members for 60 Coins Each!
Noir background Cheat

Also, In the Play, if you try and solve the Mystery you might just get a reward!
To find Ruby’s missing jewel, you’ll have to click on certain items in this order to find it:
1.Click on the Office Door
2.Click on the Filling Cabinet Drawer in the office
3.Click on the Trash Can
4.Click on the  Hotel Door
5.Click on the Lamp
6. Click on the Book
7. Click on the Flower Pot
8.Click on the Mirror on the Wall
Ruby and the Ruby Ruby Pin Directions

Once you click the mirror on the wall, a safe will appear, and inside that safe lies the missing jewel. Click on the Missing Jew to add the Ruby Pin to you inventory! This is only known pin in Club Penguin to ever return! 😀
Ruby and the Ruby Ninth Instruction Ruby and the Ruby Pin

In other new, today construction for the music jam began!
Music Jam 2009 Construction Dock
Here are all the room Swfs:

Until then… Waddle On!




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