Music Jam 2009 Sneak Peek!

6 07 2009

Hey Guys!

Today Billybob Posted a Sneak Peek of the Music Jam kick’n off on the 17th! I bet the Music Jam will be even BETTER than last years! So far it appears Club Penguin will be using the same Music Categories: Rock, Pop, Country, Classical, Tropical, Sparkle Rock, and of course the Penguin Band’s Music! During the Party 2009 Music Jam V.I.P. Passes as well as T-Shirts can be bought at a special merchandise stand (Probably at the Snowforts!).  With the VIP Pass, Members will be able to access the Backstage Area and at a certain point of time during the party, the Penguin Band Themselves can be actually met! Even Rumor has it a new version of the Penguin Band Background is Coming!
Anyway, Here’s a pic of what the lighthouse will look like during the Music Jam Construction:
Music Jam 2009 Costruction SP

Also for a Quick Memory Refresh of last year’s Music Jam, Here are all the Party Pics from the Music Jam 2008! And for more of Club Penguin’s Past Parties Pictures, Check out the Club Penguin’s Past Parties Page at:
(Click Pictures to Enlarge them)
Music Jam 2008:

music-jam-2008-town music-jam-2008-coffee-shop music-jam-2008-nightclub

music-jam-2008-lounge music-jam-2008-snow-forts music-jam-2008-t-shirt-shop

music-jam-2008-ice-rink music-jam-2008-plaza music-jam-2008-pizza-parlor

music-jam-2008-underground-pool music-jam-2008-mine music-jam-2008-forest

music-jam-2008-cove music-jam-2008-iceberg-stage-empty music-jam-2008-iceberg-stage-on

music-jam-2008-iceberg-stage-penguin-band music-jam-2008-dojo music-jam-2008-dojo-21

music-jam-2008-ski-village music-jam-2008-beach music-jam-2008-lighthouse

Everyday the Dock’s Theme would Change-

music-jam-2008-dock-rock-theme music-jam-2008-dock-pop-star-theme music-jam-2008-dock-classical-theme1

music-jam-2008-dock-country-theme music-jam-2008-dock-jazz-theme music-jam-2008-backstage1


Until then… Waddle On!
P.S. I have now updated the “Current Pin” Widget. Sorry it took so long. I was kind off having a little trouble getting the pic.




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