Penguin Style July 2009 Cheats, New Ninja Item, The Card Jitsu Master now visiting the Ninja Hideout, and New Pin Hidden!

3 07 2009

Hey Guys!

Today there is Quite a lot new from new Items, new backgrounds, and a new RARE Background! 😀
First off, you can pick your self up a “Dojo Lantern” Pin in the Underground Pool!
Dojo Laturn Pin 07-03-09

Today a new issue of “Penguin Style” released today with the new fashion trend for July… MUSIC (Jam)!!

Here are the Cheats!
Red Viking Helmet- Click the wood part that holds the strings of the Piano the Yellow Penguin is playing.
July 09 Penguin Style Cheat Red Viking Helmet

Blue Viking Helmet- Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times:
July 09 Penguin Style Cheat Blue Viking Helmet

Canteen- Click the Sea Shell in between the Pink Happy Penguin and the Green Penguin’s Head:
July 09 Penguin Style Cheat Cateem 1

July 09 Penguin Style Cheat Cateem 2

Crystal Staff- Click the word “PENGUINS” in “PENGUINS AT WORK”:
July 09 Penguin Style Cheat Crystal Staff
Woodsman’s Hat- Click on the 4th window to the Right:

Blue Dragon Costume- Click the Dragon Shadow on the stairs:



Black Graduation Cap- Click the letter “C” in “CLEARANCE”.
July 09 Penguin Style Cheat Black Graduation Cap

Also speaking of new items, today at the Ninja Hideout  in the Martial Artwork Catalog, a New Item Released Called “Cloud Blasters” that can be worn with the Ninja outfit and ninja mask! When waves, The penguin vanishes into thin air though clouds! But for some reason, it might be a glitch, no clouds are appearing but a “Colored” Penguin slides into the shadow of a vanished ninja.
July Martail Artworks Catalog New Cloud Wave Bracers Item

Speaking of Ninjas, Today The Card Jitsu Master himself can now be actually met in the Ninja Hideout. If your not a Ninja yet, BETTER HURRY Earning your belts because Sensei can be met Only from now until Monday. As for those of you who are Ninjas, If you’re lucky enough to meet Sensei in the Ninja Hideout. Open his player card and click the “Box” Icon and you will receive the Sensei Background! As for those of you who are too lazy to try and find Sensei and prefer to hack it, The Sensei Background ID is 9036! It is a Non-Member and Member Item! 🙂
Sensei Background

Until then… Waddle On!




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