June 2009 Igloo Upgrades Catalog Cheats, and New Igloo Music!

26 06 2009

Hey Guys!

Today the DJ3K Updates launched on Club Penguin late and finally released around 1:00 Est. But when the Updates finally released it’s pretty cool!
Dj3k New Tracks

In the Night Club you can find stack of Tracks that can be purchased by members for 75 Coins each!

Dj3K UPgrade Catalog

And once Purchased can be played in DJ3K Game plus you don’t have to wear the Record when you enter the game! The Game got a new Start Screen that can allow you to pick remix any of the 4 Songs!

Select Track

Also, If you bring a Yellow Puffle on the Stage with you, it will actually play the game with it you. Although it doesn’t give any bonus points, It dances to the Music on the Speaker in the Background!

Yellow Puffle DJ3K
(Picture above thanks to P E K. I didn’t feel like going through the hassle of Buying a Yellow Puffle Just to watch it dance.)

In other News, Today the New Igloo Upgrades Catalog Released but this time you can purchase a “Movable” furniture floor item!
Here are the Cheats!
Secret Stone Igloo- Click the Crowbar taking out the floor board on the “Floor Removal Service” page.
Secret Stone Igloo

Gingerbread House- On the pages with the “Candy Slit Level Igloo” and “Candy Igloo”, click all the words “Candy” on both of the pages. (There are only four “Candies”)
Giger Bread House

Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo- Click the door of the “Deluxe Snow Igloo”.
Secret Deluve Stone Igloo

Also today, New Tracks are available in Igloos for Members today! There are 4 Songs: Viking Opera, Mountain Dojo, Silly to Funky, and Planet Y! 😀
New Igloo Music

Until then… Waddle On!




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