Quick Club Penguin Times Issue #193 and July 3rd’s Pin Spoiler

25 06 2009

Hey Guys.

Sorry for forgetting to post today. I was so caught up with the site updates I totally forgot to the Post the New Club Penguin Time. Since I don’t have much to post right now, the only BIG news in the Newspaper is that penguins will ACUALLY be able to MEET Sensei HIMSELF July 3-5 in the Ninja! And you know what that means, New RARE COLECTABLE BACKGROUND! And this time it’s available for Non-Members as well! If your not a Ninja Yet, your belt start earning your belts fast but if your lazy to even try, you can always hack your way into the Ninja Hide via Club Penguin Trainers.

Sensei Coming

And Here are the Upcoming Events:

Events 06-25-09

Also earlier, Club Penguin Accidentally revealed the Pin coming next Friday. It’s will probably be the “Chinese Lantern Pin”.

Asian Latern Spoiler

Until then… Waddle On!

P.S. Catalog page will return, the reason it was taken off the site was because I hadn’t been updating in a while and it was to late for most of the catalogs. But then someone emailed the CP763 Support wondering what happened to it, So I decided to bring it back. The Page should return by July. Also the “Chat Box is Updating as well. 😀




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