DJ3K Member Updates!

22 06 2009

Hey Guys!

Today Billybob announced that on Friday the Dj3k will Update! He said that members will be able to music from a special Music Catalog that will either be located at the Night Club or the Game.  Once Penguin buy the music, they will be able to take the Tracks to the DJ Table to be Remix! Club Penguin Might use original music from the past and probably extend it to that it doesn’t repeat quickly! Be sure to check out Friday to get ready for the Music Jam! 😀 

  Dj3k Updates

Billybob also said that yellow puffles being quite enthusiastic about the updates! Who Knows? May be the “Keeper of the Boiler Room” with have a new “Mix Master Friend” along with Cadence. Billybob will post more about that Friday!

Until then… Waddle On!

P.S. Moderators Page Updates are finished. Check it out to see how much better it’s gotten although I kinda gave up on the little known Moderators because 1. Most of them I don’t have pictures of, and 2. Not much is known about many of the them except they Moderate Club Penguin.




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24 06 2009

cool an event on me b-day…..

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