Better Igloos Catalog Cheats June 2009, Limited Time 3 Month Memberships, and New Pin Hidden!

19 06 2009

Hey Guys!

Today there is quite a lot new with the new catalog and membership offer.
First off, You can Pick your self up a Watermelon Pin in the Lighthouse.
Watermelon Pin 06-19-09

Today the New Better Igloos Catalog Released with not to many secrets but with a ton of items that I’ve been dreaming for! Even an Old Rockhopper Item, ” Old Penguin Monument” returned in the catalog! 😀
Here are the Cheats:

LCD Television- Click on the Flame of the Bamboo Torch:
Better Igloos 06-09 Cheat LCD TV

Penguin Knight Sculpture- Click Banner of the “Medieval Banner”
Better Igloos 06-09 Cheat Penguin Knight Sculpture

Wheelbarrow- Click the Base part of the Poodle Plant:
April- May Better Igloos Cheat Wheelbarrow

Picket Fence- Click the Corn Stalk to the Left in the “Garden” Item.
Better Igloos 06-09 Cheat Picket Fence

In other news, Today Club Penguin made a new Limit Time Only Membership Deal! Now until July 15th, Penguins can get 3 Months of Membership for just $14.95 :D! Sadly, the offer is only available Online and can’t purchased by a Membership Card. 😦
3 Month Membership

Until then… Waddle On!

P.S. The Membership Page Revealed that the Music Jam is Coming Back!




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