Club Penguin Times Issue #192

18 06 2009

Hey Guys!

Today the New Newspaper released unavailing the Dojo Igloo Contest Winners as well as more activities for 101 Days of Fun!
Club Penguin Times Issue #192

7 More Daily Activities have been added to the 101 Days of Fun Schedule. Remember, if you participate in the activities you might just win 1001 coins! šŸ˜€ (Also there is a mistake on June 22. It still says the Ice Rink even though the Soccer Pitch has Returned! :P)

101 Days of Fun
In other News, the Dojo Igloo Contest winners were announced! Congratulations Blue Ise,Codemommy,Freeze The 1, GlaceOn614, Han Solo 8, LouLou Emzee, Manaphy1997, Saska97, StinkyMan 10, and UghABug for Such Creative Igloo Designing!
Club Penguin Times Issue #192 Dojo Igloo Decoration Contest

In the Secret Revealed Section, It basically talks about Tips and Secret Tricks in the game “Cart Surfer” located in the Mine.
Club Penguin Times Issue #192 Secret Revelad

And last but not least, the Events:
Club Penguin Times Issue #192 Events
June 19- July 2
New Pin Hidden
June 19- July 16
New Better Igloos Catalog (Adventure Party Theme)
June 26
New Igloo Music
New Summer DJ3k Tracks

Until then… Waddle On!




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