Adventure Party Storage in Box Dimension, Soccer Pitch has Returned, and Furniture Catalog Sneak Peek!

18 06 2009

(Sorry, This was meant to be posted yesterday but there was a glitch because some hacker was interfering.)
Hey Guys!

Ever wonder what happens to the decorations of the parties when they are over? Well here is your answer! Once the Party is over, all the decorations get sent to the Box Dimension for Storage. It was very clever of Club Penguin to give the Box Dimension this usage! Also Speaking of the Adventure Party, the Adventure Party Pics have been added to the Club Penguin Parties Page!
Adventure Party Storage Box Demension

In other news, the Soccer Pitch Has Returned! Now you can put your Soccer (or Football for some of you)  Jerseys and Goalie Uniforms to use! 😀
Soccer Pitch

And last but not least, Today Billybob Posted a Sneak Peek of the new furniture releasing this Friday! There is already a Palm Tree Item, but I guess Club Penguin is making another version of it. 🙂

Palm Tree

Until then… Waddle On!

P.S. Because of the updates going on, The whole site will be under maintnents. But Don’t worry. Almost all the pages will remain visible to the public. Some pages might a little off but don’t worry! Club Penguin763 is going to get WAY Better! 😀




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