Adventure Party Cheats and New Stage Play!

12 06 2009

Hey Guys!

Today the Adventure Party Kicked-off and it  is one my favorite parties this year! The Club Penguin Team put a lot of work and effort into making it so it awesome!
Anyway, here are the Cheats for the Adventure Party!

First off, you can pick your self up a Green Safari Hat at the Campus Known as the Plaza. This is just where your adventure begins!

Green Safri Hats

Also in the forest there is a Members Only Tree Fort
(Click Picture to Enlarge it)
Adventure Party 09 Member Tree House

Once inside the Tree Fort, you’ll find a box full of Tropical Bird that you can have by your side on your expedition!

Tropical Birds

Here is where your journey starts. Follow these steps to track and find all the discoveries to earn a special prize!

The first Discovery can be found in the Ancient Ruins under the Campus (aka The Plaza).  Once you get in these Underground Ruins (The Pool) you will see a Grey Fish swimming back and forth through the window. Click on it. and you’ll find your First Discovery!
Adventure Party Safri Discovery 1

The Next Discovery lies within the Cove of Surf. Click the Plant next to the Surf Shack and it will bloom with flowers. Click on it again and you have made your Second Discovery!

Adventure Party Safri Discovery 2

The 3rd Discovery lies where a still boat travels the river without moving (The Dock). Next to a Rock by the Boardwalk lies a green shell. Click on it and a turtle will emerge from it and hop on the rock. Click it again and you have made your third discovery! Notice how this curious native acts toward this green specimen

Adventure Party Safri Discovery 3

The 4th Discovery lies with in the above ground Ancient Ruins (Snow Forts). You will notice a bush to right of the “Super Pool” Sign. Click the Flowers and they will unfold. Click them again and you have made you fourth discovery yet (Half way there)!

Adventure Party Safri Discovery 4

The 5th Discovery floats among the distance water at the Deserted Island. Click the Water Shooting out in a distance and a whale will appear. Click the Whale and you have made you fifth Discovery yet!

Adventure Party Safri Discovery 5

The 6th Discovery hangs over the diner of the campus. (Diner- Pizza Parlor; Campus- Plaza) Click the Purple flowers hanging in the top right corner of the screen and they will bloom. Click them again and you have made you sixth discovery! 2 More to go until your journey is complete!

Adventure Party Safri Discovery 6

The 7th Discovery sinks under the shores of the Beach. Click the Bubbles in the water of the right bottom corner. A Jellyfish will emerge. Click it and you have made you seventh discovery but watch out for the stingers!

Adventure Party Safri Discovery 7

And the 8th and final discovery hang from a tree in the lagoon of the Forest. Click the Pink and Yellow flowers hanging off a branch to make the final discovery!

Adventure Party Safri Discovery 8

Congratulations Mate! You have great survival skills and know you deserve a reward. Click on the Binoculars on the Top Right of the Screen. Then Click Claim Prize. Now you have earn the Adventure Party Background to prove that your a great Explorer!

Adventure Party Background

In other news, Today Fairy Fables Returned to the Stage!
There is only 1 Secret in the Costume Trunk:
Silver Wand: Click the Tape Recorder Slot on the shelf.
Silver Wand

Also this time there something new at the stage. Now other than just acting out the script you can read the story as well!
Fairy Fables

Until then… Waddle On Mates!

P.S. The Results for “You Decide” A Summer Pin was Pin B (The Umbrella Pin).




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5 01 2010

this is very COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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