Snow and Sports May 2009 Secrets, New Igloo Music, More Migrator Cargo Unloaded!

29 05 2009

Hey Guys!

Today there is a lot new,

First off, the New Snow and Sports Catalog Released Today with only one cheat:

Green Soccer Jersey- Click the Soccer Ball in the air that the goalie kicked:

Green Soccer Jersey 1

Green Soccer Jersey 2

In other news, Members now have a new igloo music play list to select from! The New Tracks are: Flipper Stomper (From Music Jam), Coconut, Catchin’ Waves Theme (From Catchin’ Waves), Puffle Ragtime (From Puffle Party), Summer Song (From Summer Kick-off Party ’07) , Mix Maestro (From Music Jam), and Water Kongo (From Water Party 2007).

Summer Igloo Music

Also Today, Rockhopper Unloaded a little more plant cargo from his ship, the Migrator. When you put your cursor of the Flowers, they spread all over! 😀
(Click to Enlarge)

Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Beach May 29

Rockhoppers Suprise May 2009 Beach May 29 Spreaded Flowers

Until then… Waddle On!


P.S: Today there is also a new log-in screen for the Adventure Party on June 12! 😀

Adventure Party Log In Screen




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