Card Jitsu Updates!

28 05 2009

Hey Guys!

Today there are some new updates at the Dojo with Card Jitsu!

First off, And where in the Dojo (Dojo Courtyard, Dojo, Ninja Hideout) there will be an Icon in the Right Bottom corner of your screen.

Card Jitsu Update View Cards and Belt Progress

When you click on it, a scroll will appear showing your belt progress of which how close you are to earning your next belt and how many cards in your Jitsu deck!

Card Jitsu Update View Deck and Belt Progress

On an average player account, the template (above) will look something like this:

Card Jitsu Average

As for Ninjas, there’s would not have a belt progress bar, but a rewarding message:
Here is an Example of Stimpy1236’s Ninja Progress bar: (Click to Enlarge)

Card Jitsu Update View Cards and Belt Progress 2

When you Click on the “View your Cards” Button or the little tab at the top with the 3 cards on it, you can view all the current cards in your Card Jitsu Deck. Most people will usually have 10 cards from either one of the 2 Card Jitsu Decks automatically received from Sensei. As for others, they will definitely have more the 10.
As an Example, Here are some of Stimpy1236’s Cards: (Click to Enlarge)

Card Jitsu Rare Cards

In other news, Sensei now has a new throne along with new Card Jitsu buttons! 😀

Card Jitsu Update Sensei's new thrown

Until then… Waddle On!



Club Penguin Times Issue #189

28 05 2009

Hey Guys!

Today the New Club Penguin Times released telling more about Rockhopper and His Spring Surprise and other topics!

Club Penguin Times Issue #189

The Club Penguin Times got an Interview with Rockhopper to get the Latest Scoop on his “Salad Bar” (The Migrator)

Club Penguin Times Issue #189 Rockhopper Interview

Also the Newspaper advertise about the Dojo Igloo Contest June 1- June 13, Better get your igloos ready! 😀

Club Penguin Times Issue #189 Advertisment Dojo Igloo Decorating Contest

In the Secret Revealed Section, it basically talked about how you can where certain items and do special dances with them! 🙂

Club Penguin Times Issue #189 Secret Reveald Specail Dances

Here is what the Finished Puzzle Looks Like:

Club Penguin Times Issue #189 Dot to Dot Puzzle Finished

Upcoming Events:

Club Penguin Times Issue #189 Upcoming Events

Events in Text:
May 29
New Igloo Music
May 31
Rockhopper Departs
June 5- July 2
New Penguin Style Catalog (Summer Theme)
June 5- June 18
New Pin Hidden
June 12- 15
Adventure Party (Safari Theme)

Until then… Waddle On!