Club Penguin Times Issue #187

15 05 2009

Hey Guys!
Today the new Newspaper released, still mentioning the Ye Medieval Party.

New Newspaper

There is also another Medieval Page, saying how great the Medieval Party is so far, and hoping it will be even better in the future!

Medival page

Other than the Medieval Party, The Viking Opera is also a big hit and also a surprise! Most people thought it would be the Twelfth Fish, but it turned out to be an totally new play! Enjoy it while it still last! 😀

viking opera

Also the Newspaper released new information on Rockhopper. It says he will be here sometime this month,(like he always does in a 2 month period) checking the Telescope at the Beacon! What surprise will he bring this time? (Perhaps it might be related to Spring…)

rockhopper coming soon

Here are the Upcoming Events:

activity page

May 8- May 17
Ye Medieval Party
May 8- June 11
New Play ath the Stage: The Haunting of the Viking Opera
May 15- June 18
New Better Igloos Catalog
Coming Soon this Month…
Rockhoppers Returnes with a BIG Suprise

Until Then…Waddle On!





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