Club Penguin Medieval Party 2009 Cheats, Member Quest Walk through, and New Stage

9 05 2009

Hey Guys!

Today the Medieval Party Returned on Club Penguin! A lot of the Rooms are pretty much the same as last year, but anyways here are the Cheats!

The Crown Pin Hidden in the Boiler Room, Put your cursor over the hanging cauldron and let it spill into the mold. After a few seconds, the Crown Pin will Appear!

Medieval Party 2009 Crown Pin (Animation may play strangely because it was saved Gif.)

You can your self up a wizard hat in the Lighthouse:

Medieval Party 2009 Wizard Hat Lighthouse

In the Gift Shop, Click on the Scroll Above the Penguin Style Catalog where the Wig Catalog used to be to view the Medieval Catalog. (The Medieval Catalog Includes a Background for Non-Members!)

View Medieval Catalog:

Medieval Clothing Catalog

Medieval Clothing Catalog 2

Also in the Gift Shop, Click the little Sign next to the Stage and Black Puffle will pop out breath Fire!

Black Puffle Medieval Performance

And in the Medieval Party there is a Special Quest for Members! Fallow these Simple Steps and you have Golden Knight Armor in No Time! 😀

1. Go to Any room and Click on the Poster Sign, A Flier will come up. Click the “Go There” Button or Waddle to the Cave yourself!

2. Once you are in the Cave, be sure to read the Instructions before you begin your quest.

3. Challenge 1: Light all the Orbs, To light them simply Stand on the switch to activate the orb. Although some might be a little tricky. Have good timing on the one with popping up and down gate and the the one with the little squiggly path. When you complete the Task, the Gate will open and you can move on!

Click to Enlarge Image bellow:

Member Quest 1 

4. Challenge 2: Hit 50 Targets with Snowballs, To make this go quicker, Hold Down ‘T’ On your keyboard and aim and click rapidly to hit targets faster. Also there also might be others there to hit targets so be aware.

Member Quest 2

5. Also While your there, be sure to pick up a Golden Shield while your at it! 😀

Member Quest Free Item 1

6. Once you past the Task of Archy, you shall be tested on your memory skills! Of Which the Signs from the past two challenges can help guide your way to a secret room of which holds rare treasure!


7.Also while you are still in the Maze Starting Room, Pick up a helmet and add it then add to your Medieval Collection! 😀

Member Quest Free Item 2

8. Here is all the Directions to get you to the Secret Room! 😀

1. Go to the Path with the Arrow Facing Down

2. Go to the Path with the Arrow Facing to the Left

3. Next fallow the Path with the Arrow Facing Down

4. Fallow the Path with the Arrow Facing to the Right

5. Go down the Path with the Arrow Facing to the Right Again

6. Finally Click on the Path with the Arrow Facing Up

9. Now you have Made it to the Quest Room of which you can now obtain the item for your Golden Knight Outfit!

Member Quest Free Item 3

10. Now you have gained full worthiness of your abilities as for you can wear the entire golden knight armor in its pride!

Golden Knight Armor

11. Also If you Feel Lazy not to Even Bother with the Quest, You can Simply buy the Items via Penguins Storm or any other Trainer. Here are the IDs of the Golden Knight Outfit:

Id: 5028, Name: Golden Shield, Type: Hand, Member: true
Id: 1052, Name: Golden Knight’s Helmet, Type: Head, Member: true
Id: 4078, Name: Golden Knight’s Armor, Type: Body, Member: true

Also today the New Stage Play Released! If you wear the Ghost Costume and the Flashlight, your penguin will start glowing! Anyway here are the Secrets in the Costume Trunk!

There are 3 Cheats in the Catalog of Which one is useful! 😀

Viking Helmet Cheat: Click the Helmet on the Letter ‘G’ in the Title:

Stage Catalog Viking Helmet Cheats

The Red Viking Helmet will first appear:

Red Viking Helmet Stage Catalog

To get the Blue Viking Helmet, Open and Close the Red one 4 Times:

Blue Viking Helmet Stage Catalog

And to get the Golden Viking Helmet, Click on Helga’s Helmet While the Blue Viking Helmet is Still out and the Golden one will appear! 😀

Golden Viking Helmet Stage Catalog Secret

Golden Viking Helmet Stage Catalog

Also Don’t Forget about Stimpy1236’s Medieval Party Saturday!

Stimpy1236's Medieval Party

Until then… Waddle On!


P.S. Check out the Parties Page to View Pictures of Last Years Medieval Party to get a Flashback of the Original Medieval Party!