Where to Find Rockhopper in Walt Disney World, New Comic, and Parties Page Delay!

26 04 2009

Hey Guys!

Today Billybob Posted where you can Rockhopper in Walt Disney World Florida! He will waddling around Disney Hollywood Studios from April 30 to May 13th! I still don’t understand why they could have let him hang out by the Pirates of the Caribbean section. Anyway here is where you can find him:

X makes the Spot of which Rockhopper can be met:


Also today, the Club Penguin Team Release a New Comic on the Community Page call “Easily Distracted”!


One last thing, Sorry the Club Penguin Parties is Delayed. Yesterday I was really busy and couldn’t release it early enough. I found more party pictures so now it might take a little longer than expected. Sorry about that 😦


Until then… Waddle On!





2 responses

14 11 2010
Umbrella Stand ·

all of my kids enjoy the park and rides in Disney World, disney really knows how to please kids “*,

17 05 2011

how can i put my art in cp?

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