Sled Racing Updates, New Dance Contest Member Tracks, and New Pin Hidden

24 04 2009

Hey guys!

Today there is a lot new!

First off, you can find the Tree Pin at the Dojo Courtyard:

Dojo Tree Pin

Also today the Sled Racing Game got an Upgrade and now has music along with new toboggans!

Ski Hill Tobbagon

Members can now Purchase toboggans at the ski hill and use them during sled races as long as they are wearing them before the race starts!


In other News, the new music tracks for “Dance Contest” released today, they are “Lets Bounce!” “Patrick’s Jig!” And “Go West!” Sadly, Only members can dance to the new songs. The “Go West” Track is just like the music for the Forest During the Music Jam 2008 but fixed up with a little Funk added along with the fact that it has been extended. The “Patrick’s Jig!’ Is basically the Music used for the Music  of the Night Club During the St. Patrick’s Day Party 2009, but this time is a little Remixed and Extended. As for the song “Let’s Bounce” is totally new and the Rhythm is really bouncy! To experience the Bounciness for yourself, you have to be a member first. Be on the look out for membership contest soon! 😀

New Member Tracks


Until Then…Waddle On!!!