New Newspaper!

16 04 2009

Hey Guys!
Today the new newspaper came out with some new info and something that Club Penguin Sledders are going to like! Check out the cover!


The newspaper announced that starting on April 24, a new toboggan will be available on the top of Ski Hill and you can also buy other kinds of gear starting then too. Just look for the sign.


And the newspaper announced that also starting on April 24 DJ Cadence said that new music tracks will be available to member penguins! The new songs will be at the Nightclub. She said she was hunting for new tunes when she heard these three epic tunes, they’re ICE smooth with new funky beats to shake your flippers to she said.


Also the secrets page tells you how to catch Mullet, you just keep a fish on for Mullet to come up and eat it.


And finally the activity page has some new things on it including a new better igloos catalog tomorrow, and a new Style Catalog on May 1st. Quest for the Golden Puffle will be be going on until May 7th, I’m guessing Fairy Fables will be the next play on.


Until Then…Waddle On!





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