Easter Egg Hunt Spoiler

10 04 2009

Hey Guys!

Today the Easter Egg Hunt kicked off a little Late….

Anyway here are the Cheats!

First off, the Chocolate Bunny Pin is in the Forest


Here are the Egg Locations (Sensei Hide them Good this Year!)

The First Egg is in the Town, To Find it, Click the Spot light on the Night Club to the Right and the Star Egg will Appear!



The Next egg is at the Cove, I is in the Water to Right Bottom Corner, above the Catalog Icon


The Third Egg is Hidden in the Mine, to find it, Put your Cursor over the Cart Surfer Game:


The Forth Egg is Hidden in the Dojo Courtyard. It is hanging to the Right of the Dojo Entrance that looks like a Chinese Lamp:


The Fifth Egg is Hidden in the Gift Shop. To uncover it, Click the Hat in the Middle on the Shelf. Demonstration Bellow:

easter-egg-hunt-giftshop1 easter-egg-hunt-giftshop-2

The Sixth Egg is in the Lodge, to find it, Put your Cursor over the “Gone Fishing” Door, then wait for the Cooler of Fish to Fill, It Should Appear in the Bunch!


The Seventh Egg is at the Mountain. To uncover it, Click 0n the Middle of the Direction Sign and it will Appear:


The Final Egg is at the Beacon. To Find it, Click the Switch inside the Light Bulb and turn it to Off. The Egg will Appear in the Center!




When you Have Collected all 8 Eggs, Open your Egg Hunt Status and Click “Clam Prize” You will receive the Pink Bunny Hat as a Reward. Penguin Storm ID: 427, Name: Pink Bunny Ears, Type: Head, Member: false


Until then… Waddle On!


chacolate-bunny Chocolate Bunnies BEWARE! lol 😆