New Newspaper!

9 04 2009

Hey guys!
Today the new newspaper came out with some new info, and with the Penguin Play Awards still being the top hit of the newspaper. I don’t think that something like this made top of the newspaper since the great sink of the Migrator! Check out the cover!


The Penguin Play Awards page has the winners of the votes that came in April 3rd, and it also gives thanks to everyone who attended the Awards!


Also the Easter Egg Hunt will take place on April 10, finding secrets is an old Ninja tradition said Sensei, so Ninjas keep your eyes open!


And the Secrets page has that you can do a secret level on Cadences dance game, just click her head to get to the expert mode, or you can even bring a purple puffle on down to the Nightclub and dance with it to get extra points!


Also here is the solution to the new puzzle in the newspaper:


And finally the activities page has many upcoming things on it such as: the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow and Quest For The Golden Puffle back to the stage tomorrow.!


Until Then…Waddle On!!!