April Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

3 04 2009

 Hey Guys!

Today the new clothing catalog released and brought back over 13 old items of which 4 of them are RARE. The Catalog was also 10 hours late by the time it released.

Here are the Cheats:

Black Graduation Cap- Click the Cup to the left of the penguin with the astro barrier shirt on the table:


Red Viking Helmet- Click on the Intersecting part of the lights behind the penguins:

Blue Viking Helmet- Open and Close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times:

Spikester: Click any of the letters on the Coffee Shop Sign:

Boa- Click the pocket of the Purple Penguin’s Hoodie:


Spikette- Click the purple tile of the dance floor between the two penguins:


Pot O’ Gold- Click on the Pot OF Gold next to the Pink Penguin:


Also Billybob announced that the Portal Room is staying after the April Fools Party Ends! 😀

Until then… Waddle On!


P.S. Sorry for Posting so Late! 😦