New Newspaper!

2 04 2009

Hey guys!! (sorry I’m late)
Today the new newspaper came out with lots of new information and colorful animation! First off the Penguin Play Awards are a big hit in Club penguin right now, the votes come in tomorrow and everyone wants to see who wins! Check out the animated cover the Newspaper!


And there is a page with Gary on it, he commented and talked on the page, and said that with imagination think of what the boxes could do. He looks like a evil genius with all the different illustrations on him!


Also there is a page that the Penguin Band commented and talked on too, they look wacky and crazy like Gary too.


And also there are more sculptor winners on the Snow Sculpting page just click on the “Click Here!” button to see their names. (snow sculpting showcase till the 9th)

Check out that fish!

And the secrets page just says how many grubs can you say to a penguin.


And finally there are 2 activity pages with illustrations of Rockhopper and all the other new things on Club Penguin!



Until Then…Waddle on!