1 04 2009

HEY guys.

Today April First and Club Penguin is having its annual “Foolish” Party!

Here are the Cheats:

You can pick up Blue Propeller Caps at the Mine:

Just like last year, penguins are able to walk on walls in the dojo, but this time you can walk on the Courtyard and the Ninja Hideout!


The box store can be found in the Snowforts of which I believe is Member Only, but I’m still not sure.


Inside the box store, there is a Catalog of which sells boxes.


There is also a Secret Teleport room for Members! To access it, buy a Portal Box from the box store catalog. Then go to your igloo and place it somewhere. Walk on top of it, and you will find your self in the Teleport Room! And the fun part about this room is that NON-Members can access it! All they have to do it visit a members igloo or a member buddy’s igloo!


Also I will try to post looking at the past of how rooms have changed through the years of April Fools!

Today I’m going to start out with…. The Dojo!

Check it out!

April Fools 2008:


April Fool’s 2009:


Until then… Waddle On!

~Stimpy1237 (April Fools!)




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