New Books with Codes and New Trading Card Series!

29 03 2009

Hey Guys!

Today I found out that the 2 of the New Books now have unlock Item Codes! The Books are “The Inventors Apprentice” which is a Pick your Path Book, and “Secret Agent Handbook” which is a book to Give you tips on how to be a good Secret Agent. The Secret Agent Handbook might contain a piece of information on EPF Agents as well as maybe the Director. These book are available where ever books are sold. (Toys R Us, Borders, Barns and Nobles, etc.) These books are also available at many libraries too! I will post the Codes for them as soon as possible!


Also today, Billybob Announced that in April Club Penguin will Release a New Trading Card Series Featuring Puffles! Just like the current ones, you can go to Toys R Us, Buy a pack, than activate the Code online for a set of 4 Virtual Cards! I can see it Now! White Puffles Freezing the Opponent, Purple Puffles trapping the Opponent in a Bubble, and Yellow Puffles painting a mustache on the Opponent! Oh it will be so fun!


Until then… Waddle On!


P.S. Keep an Eye out for the NEW “Parties” Page I’m working on! đŸ˜€




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