New Newspaper!

26 03 2009

Hey guys!
Today the new newspaper came out with a lot of information! First off with the Penguin Play Awards still going on it is the main subject of the Newspaper. Check out the cover!


And Penguins are trying to search for the best outfit they can for the Play Awards! One penguin gave advice to where some old and some new outfits together.


Also the Newspaper announced more sculptor winners today! If you want to see their names click on the “Click Here!” button.


And also the Newspaper announced some other cool news. The news is that starting on MARCH 27 the sports catalog will be selling items on location, right where some of Club Penguins games are! For more information check out the Newspaper!


Also the Penguin Play Awards seemed to have inspired Gary the Gadget Guy because he he has been making something that can warp you to other rooms! This is probably deffinetly the box that was in the sneak peek that Billybob posted about the April Fools Day Party. I cant wait to see where it can take you!


And the secrets page has that different emotions can be more useful then talking about something, for example E + P = Puffle sign.


Also here is the solution to the new puzzle in the Newspaper:


And in Sensei’s fortune cookie you can see that Sensei is saying that “Ninjas needing new outfits will be rewarded” which means that if you are a ninja you will be rewarded an outfit in the new Martial Arts Catalog. (outfit in Billybob’s sneak peek)


Finally the activites page has a lot of things that’s happening or going to happen in it. Check it out!

(It did not mention about the new Sports Catalog tomorrow, so that will be in Club Penguin tomorrow.)

Until Then…Waddle On!





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