New Member Badges!

25 03 2009

Hey Guys! Today, if you are member you probably noticed an arrow. If just became a member… well than you still have a regular badge. The Badges are based off How long you’ve had you membership. Once long enough, you will receive a blue arrow, next an orange arrow, then a white, and finally when you earn a Level 5 Badge, you will have a star on it! I’m not sure, but I’m guessing you might earn an item by level 5, but I doubt it. Stimpy1236 has been a member for at least a year by know! I can’t what to see his Badge Rank when he is Unbanned tomorrow!


Until then… Waddle On!

~Stimpy1236 (Currently Stimpy1237 due to Hacker’s Ban)




4 responses

25 03 2009


28 02 2011

im level 2

3 03 2011

im level 3 plus same gfot baned for 5 years and
COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) :0 :/ 😦 :*(

3 03 2011

there was not ment to be an f in the word got

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