Stimpy1236 HACKED!

22 03 2009

UPDATE: Stimpy1236 is Unbanned. Nothing has changed after the banned so don’t bother with this post. I might delete it, but I’m keeping it for the Mean time.

Hey Guys!

REALLY BAD NEWS. Today when I logged on Stimpy1236 this Appeared!:


Someone Must of hacked (and banned) me over night. 😦 😦 😦 😦

At least there are only A few things this “Ban” can Harm My Account.

1. Tour Guide hat Lost for 30 Day (I Don’t Really Care about that)

2. Loose Spyphone and (Maybe?) Command Room. ($29.99 Down the Toilet)

3. And now its a bigger Risk because the Hacker must of done something REALLY BAD. If I were to hacked and banned again…. Stimpy1236 would be Banned FOREVER.

Waiting 3 Days isn’t really that big of Deal. If there are any new Cheats on CP Between now and Tuesday, I’m hoping Mmark97 can post about it. If not, I’ll have to use my Spare Penguin Stimpy1237. Unfortuanatly, Most of the Updates will probably be at the Stage and Stimpy1237 isn’t member. So that Means its up Mmark97 for that.

Until Then… Waddle On!

~Stimpy1236 😦 😦 😦




3 responses

22 03 2009

Stimpy i gto banned idnt lose epf psa or tour guidge so thats goood srry but i also have a test member peng….

22 03 2009

Can I post?

22 03 2009

Sorry Stimpy, I will post for you.

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