Penguin Play Awards, New Igloo Furniture, Snow Sculptures, and Costume Contest!

20 03 2009

Hey Guys!

Today there is a LOT New!

First off the Penguin Play Awards Member Event kicked off today!


Penguin Play Award Swfs:




Here are the Cheats:

In the Plaza you can vote for your favorite play at the Voting Booth!


At the Stage there is a Exit Sign, click on it and you can go backstage:


And Backstage you can pick your self up a Penguin Award! ID: 5022


Also in the Backstage…. Famous Penguins will be coming! Meaning Aunt Arctic, Penguin Band, Gary the Gadget Guy will be visiting Later On this Week! I believe today you can Meet Aunt Arctic!

Aunt Arctic Background, ID: 9021:


In the Stage Catalog there are 3 Cheats! And one of the Cheats is a GOOD DEAL!

For the Penguin Play Awards Background Click the Award on the 2 Page:


For the Cheap Time Travel Hat (Cheapest Member Item EVER) Click the Wig on the ‘P’ in Penguins That Time Forgot:


And for the Squidzoid Costume Click on the Logo of Squidziod VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal as Shown bellow:


In other News around the West Side of the Island have been where the Snow Sculptures have been working On! Click on the Little Scene to See the original Design!


Also today the new Furniture Catalog!

Here are the Cheats:

For the Disco Ball Click on the Red Guitar:


For the White Puffle Poster Click on the word ‘Puffle’ in Puffle Posters:


For the Ice Table (Old Item) Click on the Pond


For the Aquarium Click on the Pinata:


For the Green Birdhouse click the Tower to the right in the Snow Castle:


And for the Welcome Mat Click on the Rope of the Red Rope Item:


In other Words Im Throwing A Costume Contest! In this contest, come up with a Costume, take a picture of your penguin, and Comment it with a link to the picture or email it at! Contest Ends Apirl 3rd so be sure to do it soon! The Winner will Recieve a One Month Membership and will be added to Stimpy1236’s Buddies List! Please do NOT Comment on this post. For Complete Rules and Details Go to:


Until then… Waddle On!





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