New Newspaper

19 03 2009

Hey guys!
Today the new newspaper came out with some new information and fun activities! First off the Penguin Play Awards is in focus with it happening tomorrow! There are 2 Penguin Play Awards pages you can see the top 5 nominees on the 2nd one! Check it out!


And here is the other Penguin Play Awards page, it has some fancy detail!


In other news, there is a St. Patrick’s Day Party memories page with some pictures on it and captions beneath them. Check out that page!


Also there is a page with the winning penguins on it for the Snow Sculpting Contest if you want to see there names just click on the click here button on the page


And the secrets page is about the different moves you can do when your dancing, holding that item.


Finally the upcoming activities page has a lot of stuff in it including a new Martial Arts Catalog coming on March 27 (only available to Ninjas), remember the New Better Igloos Catalog, Penguin Play Awards, and Snow Sculpting showcase are tomorrow! Check out the page!


Until Then….Waddle On!





2 responses

19 03 2009

Am I a good author penguins?

21 03 2009

idk :/

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