St. Patrick’s Day Party!

15 03 2009

Hey Guys!

Today I’m here to announce about Club Penguin763’s St. Patrick’s Day Party! The Party will be on St. Patrick’s Day (of course) so be sure to wear your GREEN! The Party will also be film on YouTube and I will post all the penguins who came on the site!

Here is the invite to the Party!:


Here is all the Information:
When: Tuesday March 17

Time: 2:00 PM PST (5:00 EST)

Where: Forest

Server: Rainbow (Get it?)


Until then… Waddle On!





8 responses

15 03 2009

Hey Guess what! You are site of the week on my site! Congrats

Stimpy1236 Cool!

15 03 2009
Dav45623 (Not signed in)

Sure ill go oh yeah my site will shut down! IT will not be detled though

Stimpy1236 What What?

15 03 2009

I’ll be there…or will I? Probably! Ummmmmm will I. Uh what were we talking about?

16 03 2009
Dav45623 Not Logined in and never will be)

IM shutting down my site caus ei barley get time to update unless someone can do it for me i will re open in summer when i have time ! OH yeah ill still be going to the party!
Waddle on!

16 03 2009

never mind my computer read it wrong

16 03 2009


17 03 2009

Guess What? Apply to my site to own it! i will pick on this friday!

17 03 2009


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