New Newspaper!

12 03 2009

Hey guys!
Today the new newspaper came out with a lot of information, including the: Penguin Play Awards, St. Patrick’s Day Party, Snow Sculpting Contest information and much more! First off the main subject of the Newspaper is the St. Patrick’s Day Party, check out the cover!


And there is also a page about the Penguin Play Awards (March 20) and a page about the St. Patrick’s Day Party (tomorrow-March 13) both pages are full of information about both. Here are both pages:

One penguin claims to have seen an army of Big Bad Wools getting chased by a Squidzoid!

Remember that members can go in the Leprechaun house with many surprises and many different FAMOUS PENGUINS! And everyboday can also follow the rainbow to the end!

Also don’t forget about the Snow Sculpting Contest which you can enter by submitting it in the newspaper.


And you can find out that on some missions you also get awards for being a good civilian on the secrets page.

I have an example of one of the awards you can get:

(Employee of the month award)

Also here is the solution to the Cheerleader Puzzle in the newspaper


And the upcoming activities, contests, and party’s page is full of all of the upcoming things on Club Penguin! Check it out!


Until Then….Waddle On!





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12 03 2009

first comment woot!

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