White Puffles, Catalog Cheats, And St. Patrick’s Day Construction!

6 03 2009

Hey Guys!

There is a lot New Today!

First I’m going to kick it off with the Cheat for the White Puffle!

In the Pet the White Puffle can be Adopted for 800 coins! For some reason Earlier there was a glitch and the white puffle playercard was a YELLOW Puffle!

Anyway here are some Pics of what the White Puffle Can Do!

First off like any other puffle, it has two ways to enjoy itself by play!

It’s Usual way of playing is to form a lop out of snow and slide on it:


It’s other (not so common) way of playing is to form an ice rink and skate on it!

white-puffle-skates (Pic thanks to Mmark97)

When you dance with it, the white puffle will form a cloud snowing on it while its dancing like a Red or Blue Puffle.


White it Takes a bath it Freezes the water and then breaks out.


In other news The New Clothing Catalog Released and came with lot of Fancy Clothing!

Here are the Cheats:
Pot O’ Gold- Click on the Coins in the Pot:


Boa- Click on the Word “More…” :


Spikster- Click on the Coffee Shop Sign:


Spikette- Click on the Purple Dance Floor Tile between the two penguins:


Red Viking Helmet- Click on the Part where the two Spot Lights Intersect:


Blue Viking Helmet- Open and Close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times:


Also today there have been A lot of Green Tools and Supplies to Gear Up for the St. Patrick’s Day Party March 13!

There is a box and Some Paints at the Cove:


There is also a paint and a box at the Ski Village:


And at the Forest there is a Tree Stump house!


Anyway I Managed to get a Pic from Last Years St. Patrick’s Day Party!

Check it out!


Until then…Waddle On!





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