Puffles playing!

13 02 2009

Hey guys!

UPDATE: If your puffles arent playing it may be because their health isnt good. Puffles only play when their health is full or almost full so remember to take good care of your puffles.

check out my puffle, Stoney, he can play with the puffle furniture! and so can yours here is what you do: if you want them to PLAY with the furniture you just press the play icon on the puffles setup or just wait a little while and they will play on the furniture by themselves! they can also sleep and eat with furniture you buy but I will post that later

Until then… waddle on!



Puffles Play, New Stage, New Pin, and Construction!

13 02 2009

Hey Guys!

Today there is a lot of new stuff on clubpenguin!

First off, the Box of Puffle O’s Pin can be found in the Mine.


Today the play “Team Blue VS Team Red”! I like the first one best thought. Anyway, just like you could in the last one, when you throw a snowball you throw a dodgeballs! And this time they can bounce! Also the character “Tate”  Returned! I bet in the next one “Peppy” (The Orange Parot) will return!

There is one cheat in catalog but its completly useless.


Here is the other stuff you can do at the stage!

1. You can adjust the lights on the stage by dragging them left or right.

2. You can change the scoreboard by clicking it.

3. You can also score a basket by clicking on the basketball hoop.


There is a new puffle furniture catalog! Here is the Cheat for  the grey puffle house:


Also there is Constuction around most of Club Penguin! The Cave, Pool, and Forest are completely empty!


Puffles can also play with their furniture but I will post that later today.

Until then… Waddle On!



13 02 2009

Hey guys!

puffle party construction has begun! if you go to the town and plaza + a couple of supplies in ski village you will see that construction is being done to get ready for the puffle party here is what it should look like in the Plaza:p-party-construction

The Town!


And Ski Village!


Until then…waddle on!


New newspaper!

13 02 2009

Hey guys! there’s a new newspaper on club penguin (issue # 174) one of the newest things on club penguin is team blue returns to the stage! and there’s a new hidden pin coming February 13, also there will be a puffle party on February 20 too! it will end February 24, so remember to bring your puffles, also there will be a new better igloos catalog on February 20, to March 19club-penguin-times here is the blue team returns page!


And the Upcoming Events page!


Until then…waddle on!

~ Mmark97