New Comic and Last Chance To Be an Editor!

3 02 2009

Hey Guys!

Today the Club Penguin artwork team made a new comic!

Its called “Flippers Up” and it is hilarious!


In other News Only One Person has Signed Up to be an Editor and that is Dav45623. Today Through Sunday, February 8,2009 will be the last chance to try and be an editor for Clubpenguin763. Here is the Information of the Signup!

If you Want to be The Editor for the Please Comment to Answer the Following Questions D !


1) Do you Have A WordPress Account?

A. Yes I Do

B. No but ill Make One

C. No, I Don’t know how to Make One

D. Whats a WordPress Account?

2) How Often Will you Go on the Site to check for Errors On Posts?

A. As Soon as you Post!

B. A Couple of Minutes after the Post

C. A Few Hours After you Post

D. I’ll Edit it when I edit it!

3) Locate All the Errors in the Following Sentence and Fix Them.

  club Penguin Beta Tesers Are Awsome and Rare.


If You have A WordPress Account Please Note Your WordPress Email in your Comment.

Until then.. Waddle On!





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