Do You like the New Header?

31 01 2009

Hey Guys!

Today I Uploaded the New Offical Site Header! Check it out!


Rate How Good or How Bad You think it is!

Also I might Change the Middle Image in the Header to an Element rather  than a stand.


Until then… Waddle On!





One response

1 02 2009

Hey whats up! Remember me I was deleted off this site because I wasnt posting…. yet Dgff101 is still on there, anyway my site is doing great it has over 16,000 hits! Well I have opened a header shop! So go ahead check it out! Thanks and keep up the good work! Also I have recently became an author on the Club Penguin Tv Episodes Site! Well Good luck on the site!
Stimpy1236: Ya I Saw you Were an author on Club Penguin TV Episodes Good For You! The Reason I Deleted you was because the only thing you were posting was parties and Links to your site. But I didnt Really Mine. I just Deleted you because I was Deleting Authors such as Angelsalsas25. If it Makes you Happy I Can Reinvite you to the Site but I Bet you dont Care Now that you have 16,000 hits on your site and are Mad Enough that I Deleted you so Oh Well.

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