Ninja Party Today!!!

24 01 2009

Hey Guys!!!

Update: Sorry for those of you who came on Friday.. I Kinda Messed up the Date on the Invite, my picture editor won’t let me fix it. Because of this Mishave I will Show to the Penguins who came Late or the Day Before on my Site. As for the Penguins who came on time they will be Shown the Youtube Vid. Also the Vid Will be Uploaded Soon, I’m Still Editing it and My Youtube Channel Will be Updated Too! So Remember to Tune in later on in the Week!

Today is the Ninja Party!!! Be Sure To Wear your Belts, Gongs, and Masks! If Your Not a Ninja or Black Belt Just At Least Come With A Belt (Any Belt is Allowed but you MUST have A Belt To Get In!) The Party Will Start at my My Igloo and Will Move to the Dojo for A Card Jitsu Tournament! And After that There Will Be A Special Round for Blackbelts at the Ninja Hideout! Anyone Who Beat Stimpy1236 2 out 0f 3 Rounds Will Advance to the Second Round (Still 2 out 3) The Remaining Penguins Will Have 1 Round to VS Me! If they Beat Stimpy1236 they Will be Annoced A Samuri or even rarer a Master! 😀


Until then… Waddle On!





One response

25 01 2009

hey i came to the party but u were not online

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