Ninjas in Club Penguin?

14 07 2008

Note: This Post is an Archive from July 2008. Ninjas now really DO Exist on Club Penguin Ever Since November 2008 when Sensei Arrived from Distant land to Train Penguins to become Ninjas! 😀

There have been a lot of rumors going around that ninjas exist in Club Penguin, the newest one being this picture:

This picture is fake, it is just an edit made by somebody. The ninja outfit is not in Club Penguin’s database so therefore it would be impossible to get it. Ninjas were around in Penguin Chat 3, a game made by rsnail as a Club Penguin prototype. To become a ninja in Penguin Chat 3, you would have to click the ‘N’ in the phrase “Choose a color for your penguin”, here is a picture of that:

Once Club Penguin launched the ninja items were never released, the moderators said that ninjas will eventually come out, but they haven’t yet. However, the ninja items were in Club Penguin’s database at the time. People found out about the ninja items in the database so they cheated to get the ninja items. One penguin who has pictures of the ninja items on their account is JaMeS. These pictures are real:

When Club Penguin found out about the ninja items on their accounts, they removed them from their accounts and the database. Here are pictures of what the ninja items look like in your inventory.

To prove that the first picture is a fake, I have made my own edit of myself as a ninja.

All the rumors that say you can become a ninja are false. Waiting in the Dojo for thirty minutes without moving will not do anything. The “ninjas” that people say they see around Club Penguin are just shadows. There is no way to become a ninja… yet.




7 responses

8 11 2008

my cousin is a ninja the original one!she works for Club Penguin and shes the best friend of the creator of CP he lives in my city!

11 11 2008
Mr Gilato

i have seen ninjas and they are cool. go to the dojo and click on the light bulbs starting from the closest one to the door then click on the “wear a hard hat sign and it will turn into a ninja poster.

4 08 2009


14 09 2009
carly shey

hey disney is boring go to nicktropolis

23 12 2009
woodside pen

i have seen those ninjas and i think there not very rare if you have more cards than 10 you are rare or if you have he blue book or a coded item by the way people play runecape it is a masive online game crated by jagex but it is for 13 year olds but i still play it even tho im 7 there is another game called moshi monsters it is a fun online game and you get levels from level 2 trophes to level 100 but no moshi has ever suceeded to get past level 46 yet im level 42

1 02 2010

Club Penguin Rocks You Hardeys

19 03 2010

how did you take them pictures??????
need to know

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